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70 Most Important Abbreviations Notes 2021: Download 70 Most Important Abbreviations Study Materials

Here, we have provided the links which contains the study materials which will help you in studying and preparing for your examinations of the 70 Most Important Abbreviations. Referring to the links we’ve provided below and the links which contains the study materials of 70 Most Important Abbreviations. PDF Format along with the list of recommended books which we’ve provided below, you will be able to ace your examinations. We have also provided you the further details which will allow you to do well in your exams and learn more. These study materials help you understand the concepts and everything easily and creates a better space for you to work on. These study materials give you the best resources to study from.

Free Download Study Materials

Every year, they release notifications for several vacant posts, so required people interested in the job can apply for the job. To ace the exam, every candidate needs to prepare for the exam as per the syllabus and information provided in the study materials exclusively for this purpose. To get the study materials that are required, you must download the files provided below. You can click on the links given below to download the files and then study them. We hope you find our resources helpful. Every student who has studied using our study materials finds the exam easy to ace since question banks and solution keys are attached along. Once you’ve mastered the content provided in the study materials we’ve provided for you, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to acing the exam. Use our resources to study well for your exam and get your dream job.

AAFIAmateur Athletics Federation of India
AAGSPAll-Assam Gana Sangram  Parishad
AARROAfro-Asian Rural Reconstruction Organization
ABCAtomic Biological and Chemical (warfare); Audit Bureau of Circulation; American (or Australian) Broadcasting Co.
ABMAnti-Ballistic Missiles
ABUAsian Broadcasting Union
ACCAuxiliary Cadet Corps
CEAnno Domini (after Christ)
ADBAsian Development Bank
ADFAfrican Development Fund
ADMKAnna Dravida Munnetra Kazhgam
AECAtomic Energy Commission
AFCAsian Football Confederation
AFPROAction for Food Programme
AGSOCAsian Games Special Organizing Committee
AIADMKAll India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
AICSAll India Council of Sports
AICTEAll India Council of Technical Education
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIFACSAll India Fine Arts and Craft Society
AIFFAll India Football Federation
AIILSGAll India Institute of Local Self Government
AIIMSAll India Institute of Medical Sciences
AIMLAll India Muslim League
AIMOAll India Manufacturers’ Organization
AIRECAll India Railway Employee’s Confederation
AISSFAll India Sikh Students Federation
AITUCAll India Trade Union Congress
AIWCAll India Women’s Conference
AMAnte Meridien (before noon); Amplitude Modulation.
AMCArmy Medical Corps
AMIEAssociated Member of the Institute of Engineers
AOCAir Officer Commanding
APECAsia-Pacific Economic Corporation
APPLEAriane Passenger Payload Experiment
ARCAdministrative Reforms Commission
ARDCAgricultural Refinance and Development Corporation
ASCArmy Service Corps
ASEANAssociation of South East Asian Nations
ASLVAugmented Satellite Launch Vehicle
ASPACAsian and Pacific Council
ASSOCHAMAssociated Chamber of Commerce and Industry
ATCAir Traffic Control
ATGMAnti – Tank Guided Missile
ATMAutomated Teller Machine, Adobe Type Manager
ATSAnti – Tetanus Serum
ATVAdvanced Technology Vessel
AVSMAnti-Vishisht Seva Medal
AWACSAirborne Warning and Control System
B2BBusiness to Business
B2CBusiness to Consumer
BABaccalaureus Artium (Bachelor of Arts)
BALCOBharat Aluminium Company Limited
BARCBhabha Atomic Research Centre
BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation
BCEBefore Christ
BCCIBoard of Control for Cricket in India
BCGBacillus Calmette – Guerin (Anti – TB vaccine)
BENELUXBelgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
BHELBharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
BIFRBoard for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
BIMARUBihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh
BIMSTECBangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand Economic Cooperation
BISBank of International Settlement
BOACBritish Overseas Airways Corporation (now British Airways)
BOLTBombay Stock Exchange On-Line Trading; Building Operate-Lease-Transfer
BPEBureau of Public Enterprises
BPLBelow Poverty Line
BPOBusiness Process Outsourcing
BPRBusiness Process Reengineering
BPSBytes Per Sound
BREADBasic Research Education and Development Society
BROBorder Roads Organization
BSEBombay Stock Exchange
BSFBorder Security Force
BSNLBharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
BSSBharat Sewa Samaj
C.V.Curriculum Vitae
C/OCare of
C2CConsumer to Consumer
CAChartered Accountant
CABECentral Advisory Board for Education
CADCommand Area Development; Computer Aided Design
CAGComptroller and Auditor General of India
CARECooperative for American Relief Everywhere
CASTAPConference on Application of Science and Technology in Asia and the Pacific
CATCareer Aptitude Test; Common Admission Test; Computerized Axial Tomography (also called CT); Computer Adaptive Test
CBDTCentral Board of Direct Taxes
CBFCCentral Board of Film Certification
CBICentral Bureau of Investigation
CBMConfidence Building Measures
CBRCentral Board of Revenue
CBSECentral Board of Secondary Education
CBUCompletely Built-up
CDCompact Disk; Certificate of deposit
CDMACode Division Multiple Access
CDRICentral Drug Research Institute
CDSCompulsory Deposit Scheme
CEFIPARCentre for the Promotion of Advanced Research
CENTOCentral Treaty Organization
CEOChief Executive Officer
CFOChief Financial Officer
CFSIChildren’s Film Society of India
CFTRICentral Food Technological Research Institute
CGHSCentral Government Health Service
CHECCommonwealth Human Economic Council
CHOGMCommonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
CHOGRMCommonwealth Heads of Government Regional Meeting
CIACentral Intelligence Agency
CIETCentral Institute of Educational Technology
CIIConfederation of Indian Industry
CISCommonwealth of Independent States
CITUCentre of Indian Trade Unions
CIWTCCentral Inland Water Transport Corporation
CKDCompletely Knocked Down
CLAWSCentre for Land Welfare Studies
CLRCCentral Land Reforms Committee
CMAGCommonwealth Ministerial Fund
CMIECentre for Monitoring the Indian Economy
CMPCommon Minimum Programme
CNCComputerised Numerical Control
CNNCable News Network
COCommanding Officer
COFEPOSAConservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Activities
COMECONCouncil for Mutual Economic Assistance
COMEXCommonwealth Expedition
COMSATCommunications Satellite Corporation
CONCORDCouncil of North Indian States for Cooperation and Regional Development
CORDETCooperative Rural Development Trust
CPI/MCommunist Party of India/Marxist
CRISILCredit Rating Information Services of India Ltd
CRMCustomer Relations Management
CRPFCentral Reserve Police Force
CRRCash Reserve Ratio
CRRICentral Road Research Institute
CRYChild Relief and You
CSIOCentral Scientific Instruments Organization
CSIRCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
CSOCentral Statistical Organization
CTBTComprehensive Test Ban Treaty
CWCChemical Weapons Convention
DPhilDoctor of Philosophy
DScDoctor of Science
DLittDoctor of Literature
DADearness Allowance
DAEDepartment of Atomic Energy
DAPDi-Ammonium Nitrate
DDTDichloro Diphyenyl Trichloroethane
DGCADirector-General of Civil Aviation
DGS and DDirector-General of Supplies and Disposals
DGTDDirector-General of Technical Development
DIADefense Intelligence Agency
DIGDeputy Inspector General
DLFDevelopment Loans Fund
DLODead Letter Office
DMKDravida Munnetra Kazhagam
DMKPDalit  Mazdoor Kisan Party
DNADeoxyribonucleic Acid
DODemi Official
DODDepartment of Ocean Development
DPEPDistrict Primary Education Programme
DPIDirector of Public Instruction
DPTDiphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus (Vaccine)
DRDLDefense Research and Development Laboratory
DRDODefense Research and Development Organization
DRIDifferential Rate of Interest
DSBDigital Satellite Broadcasting
DSIDCDefense Scientific Information and Documentation Centre
DSLDigital Subscriber Line
DSPDigital Signal Processing
DTPDesktop Publishing
DTSDigital Theatre System
DVDeo Volenre (God willing)
DVDDigital Versatile / Video Disc
e.g.,Exempli Gratia (for example)
EARCEconomic Administrative Reforms Commission
ECAEconomic Commission for Asia; Essential Commodities Act
ECAFEEconomic Commission for Asia and Far East (now ESCAP)
ECGCExport Credit and Guarantee Corporation of India
ECHREuropean Commission on Human Rights
ECMEuropean Common Market
ECOSOCEconomic and Social Council (of UN)
EDCILEducational Consultants India Limited
EECEuropean Economic Community
EEGElectro Encephalogram
EEZExclusive Economic Zone
EFTAEuropean Free Trade Association
E-MAILElectronic Mailing
EMIEquated Monthly Instalment
ENLFEelam National Liberation Front
ENTEar, Nose, and Throat
EPZExport Processing Zone
EQEmotional Quotient
ERMEuropean Exchange Rate Mechanism
ESAEuropean Space Agency
ESCAPEconomic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESGElectronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council
ESIEmployee State Insurance
ESMAEssential Services Maintenance Act
EURATOMEuropean Atomic Community
FACTSFingerpoint Analysis and Criminal Tracing System
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization
FBIFederal Bureau of Investigation
FBTRFast Breeder Test Reactor
FCIFood Corporation of India; Fertilizer Corporation of India
FCNRAForeign Currency Non-Resident Accounts
FCRAForeign Contribution Regulation Act
FEMAForeign Exchange Management Act
FERAForeign Exchange Regulation Act
FFCFilm Finance Corporation
FICCIFederation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
FIFAInternational Football Federation (Federation International de Football Association)
FIIForeign Institutional Investors
FIPBForeign Investment Promotion Board
FIRFirst Information Report
FIREFully Integrated Robotized Engine
FLAGFrequency modulation
FobFree on board
ForFree on rail
FRCPFellow of the Royal College of Physicians
FRCSFellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
FYIFor Your Information
G7Group of Seven (USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and Canada); G8 includes G7 plus Russia
GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting Practices
GAILGas Authority of India Limited
GARPGlobal Atmospheric Research Project
GATEGraduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
GATSGeneral Agreement on Trade and Services
GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GCCGulf Cooperation Council
GCMMFGujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation
GDPGross Domestic Product
GDRGlobal Depository Receipt
GECGeneral Electric Company
GEMSGateway Electronic Mail Service
GHQGeneral Headquarters
GICGeneral Insurance Corporation
GISGeographical Information System
GMATGraduate Management Admission Test
GMTGreenwich Mean Time
GMUNETGlobal Mega University Net
GNLFGorkha National Liberation Front
GNPGross National Product
GOCGeneral Officer Commanding
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GREGraduate Record Examination
GSIGeological Survey of India
GSLVGeo-Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle
GSMGlobal System for Mobil Communications
GSPGeneralised System Preference
GSTPGlobal System of Trade Practices
GTTSGlobal Travel and Tourism Summit
HALHindustan Aeronautics Limited
HAREDAHaryana State Energy Development Agency
HBVHepatitis – B Virus
HECHeavy Engineering Corporation
HESCOHimalayan Environment Studies and Conservation Organization
HFHigh Frequency
HICGHigh Technology Cooperation Group
HIVHuman Immunodeficiency Virus
HLCHumanitarian Law Commission (Red Cross)
HMIHimalayan Mountaineering Institute
HMTHindustan Machine Tools
HMVHis Master’s Voice, Heavy Motor Vehicle
HSLHindustan Steel Limited
HTHigh Tension
HTMLHyper Text Markup
HTPBHydroxy – Terminated Poly – Butadine
httpHypertext Transfer Protocol
HUDCOHousing and Urban Development Corporation
HVHigh Voltage
HVACHeating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
HVNETHigh Speed VSAT Network
HZLHindustan Zinc Limited
i.e.,Id est (that is)
I.N.R.IIesus Nazarenus Rexludaeorum
IAIndian Airlines
IAAInternational Airport Authority
IAAIInternational Airport Authority of India
IAASIndian Audit and Accounts Service
IACIndian Airlines Corporation
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency
IAFCIndian Agricultural Finance Corporation
IAMCIndian Army Medical Corps
IARIIndian Agriculture Research Institute
IASIndian Administrative Service
IASRIIndian Agricultural Statistical Research Institute
IATAInternational Air Transport Association
IBECInternational Bank for Economic Cooperation
IBMInternational Business Machines
IBRDInternational Bank for Reconstruction and Development
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organization
ICARIndian Council of Agricultural Research
ICBMInter-Continental Ballistic Missile
ICCRIndian Council for Cultural Relations
ICHRIndian Council of Historical Research
ICICIIndustrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
ICJInternational Court of Justice
ICMRIndian Council of Medical Research
ICPDInternational Conference on Population and Development
ICRAInvestment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India
ICRCInternational Committee of Red Cross
ICRIERIndian Council for Research on International Economic Relations
ICSEIndian Certificate of Secondary Education
ICSIInstitute of Company Secretaries of India; Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection
ICSSRIndian Council of Social Sciences Research
ICSWIndian Council of Social Welfare
ICUIntensive Care Unit
ICWAIndian Council of World Affairs
IDAInternational Development Agency
IDBIIndustrial Development Bank of India
IDCIndustrial Development Corporation
IDPLIndian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited
IDRCInternational Development Research Centre
IDSAInstitute of Defense Studies and Analyses
IEEEInstitute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers
IELTSInternational English Language Testing System
IETEInstitution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers
IFADInternational Fund for Agricultural Development
IFCIndustrial Finance Corporation; International Finance Corporation
IFCIIndustrial Finance Corporation of India
IFFIInternational Film Festival of India
IFSIndian Foreign Service; Indian Forest Service
IGNOUIndira Gandhi National Open University
IIFSInternational Indian Film Academy
IIFTIndian Institute of Foreign Trade
IIPAIndian Institute of Public Administration
IITIndian Institute of Technology
ILOInternational Labour Organization
IMAPInternet Mail Access Protocol
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
INMASInstitute of Nuclear Medicines and Allied Sciences
INSIndian Newspaper Society
INSATIndian National Satellite
INTELSATInternational Telecommunication Satellite
INTERPOLInternational Criminal Police Commission
INTUCIndian National Trade Union Congress
IOAIndian Olympic Association
IOCIndian Oil Corporation; International Olympic Committee
IOCOMIndian Ocean Commonwealth
IOJInternational Organization of Journalists
IOUI Owe You
IPInternet Protocol
IPCIndian Penal Code
IPCLIndian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd.
IPOInitial Public Offering
IPSIndian Police Service;
IPUInternational Parliamentary Union
IQIntelligence Quotient
IRAIrish Republican Army
IRBMIntermediate Range Ballistic Missile
IRCInternational Red Cross
IRCIInternational Reconstruction Corporation of India
IRDPIndian Rural Development Programme; Integrated Rural Development Programme
IREDAIndian Renewable Energy Development Agency
IRRIInternational Rice Research Institute
IRSIndian Revenue Service
ISBAInternational Sea-Bed Authority
ISBNInternational Standard Book Number
ISCIndian  School Certificate
ISCIIntra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection
ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISIIndian Standards Institution, Inter-Services Intelligence
ISKCONInternational Society for Krishna Consciousness
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ISROIndian Space Research Organization
ISSNInternational Standard Serial Number
ISTIndian Standard Time
ITBPIndo-Tibetan Border Police
ITDCIndian Tourism Development Corporation
ITIIndian Telephone Industries; Industrial Training Institute
ITUInternational Telecommunication Union
IUTFInternational Union Trade Fairs
JCOJunior Commissioned Officer
JPEGJoint Photographic Expert Group
JVMJanata Vidhyarathi Morcha
KALKorean Airlines
KANUKenya African National Union
KGKindergarten (method of teaching)
KKKKu Klux Klan (US secret society, Anti-Negro, Anti-Jewish)
KMTKuomintang (Chinese National Party)
KVICKhadi and Village Industries Commission
LASERLight Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LCALight Combat Aircraft
LCDLiquid Crystal Display; Least Common Denominator
LCMLowest Common Multiple
LESLunar Escape System
LICLife Insurance Corporation (of India)
LL.B.Bachelor of Laws
LPGLiquefied Petroleum Gas
LSDDextor-lysergic and diethylamide
LT. Col.Lieutenant Colonel
LTTELiberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
MAMagisiter Artium (Master of Arts)
MDDoctor of Medicine
MAIFMarket Access Initiative Fund
MAMCMining and Allied Machinery Corporation
MBAMaster of Business Administration
MBBSBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
MDMAMulti-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency
MENAMiddle East News Agency
MFNMost Favoured Nation
MIMilitary Intelligence
MICRMagnetic Ink Character Recognition
MISAMaintenance of Internal Security Act
MITMassachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; Master Instruction Tape
MLAMember of Legislative Assembly
MMTCMinerals and Metals Trading Corporation
MNCMultinational Corporation
MNNAMajor-Non-NATO Ally
MODEMModular Demodulator
MODVATModified Value Added Tax
MOSFETMetal Oxide Semi-conductor Field Effect Transistor
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MPMember of Parliament; Madhya Pradesh
MPEGMotion Picture Experts Group
MphMiles per hour
MPLADMember of Parliament Local Area Development
MRCPMember of the Royal College of Physicians
MRDMovement for Restoration of Democracy (Pakistan)
MRTPCMonopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission
NAANational Airports Authority
NAAINational Airport Authority of India
NABARDNational Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
NACNational Advisory Council
NAFEDNational Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation
NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA)
NASDAQNational Association of Software and Service Companies
NASSCOMNational Association of Securities Dealers Automated
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVNet Asset Value
NCANational Commission of Agriculture
NCAERNational Council of Applied Economic Research
NCCFNational Calamity Contingency Fund
NCEPCNational Committee on Environmental Planning and Coordination
NCERTNational Council of Education Research and Training
NCSTNational Committee of Science and Technology
NDANational Defense Academy
NDCNational Development Council
NEERINational Environmental Engineering Research Institute
NEPANational Environment Protection Act
NFDCNational Film Development Corporation
NGONon-Government Organization; Non-Gazetted Officer
NGRINational Geographical Research Institute
NIITNational Institute of Information Technology
NIONational Institute of Oceanography
NITIENational Institute for Training in Industrial Engineering
NMDCNational Mineral Development Corporation
NPCNational Productivity Council
NPCILNuclear Power Corporation of India Limited
NPLNational Physical Laboratory
NPTNuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
NRCNuclear Regulatory Commission
NRSANational Remote Sensing Agency
NSCNational Service Corps
NSUINational Students Union of India
NTPCNational Thermal Power Corporation
NTSCNational Television System Committee
OANAOrganization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies
OAPECOrganization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
OASOrganization of American States
OAUOrganization of African Unity
OCROptical Character Recognition
OECDOrganization for Economic Co-operation and Development
OICOrganization of Islamic Conference
OKAll Correct (slang)
ONGCOil and Natural Gas Corporation
OPECOrganization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
PACPublic Accounts Committee; Political Affairs Committee
PANPermanent Account Number
PBXPrivate Branch Exchange (for telephone)
PCPer cent; Post Card, Personal Computer
PCMPulse Code Modulation
PCRAPetroleum Conservation Research Association
PDAPreventive Detention Act; Personal Digital Assistant
PECProjects and Equipment Corporation of India
PENPoets, Editors and Novelists Association
PERTProgramme Evaluation Review Technique
PETAPeople for Ethical Treatment of Animals
PFAPress Foundation of Asia; Prevention of Food Adulteration
PFBRPrototype Fast Breeder Reactor
PGIMERPost Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research
Ph.DDoctor of Philosophy (Philosophiae Doctor)
PHCPrimary Health Centre
PHDCCIPunjab, Haryana, Delhi Chamber of Commerce and Industries
PIBPublic Investment Board; Press Information Bureau
PILPublic Interest Litigation
PIMPersonal Information Management
PIN CodePostal Index Number Code
PixelPicture Element
PLOPalestine Liberation Organization
PLOTEPeople’s Liberation Organization Tamil Eelam
PMPost Meridiem; Prime Minister
PMGPost Master General
PNRPassenger Name Recorder
POKPakistan – Occupied Kashmir
POTAPrevention of Terrorism Act
POWPrisoner of War
PPPPurchasing Power Parity; Point-to-Point Protocol
PREPAKPeople’s Revolutionary Party of Kang-leipak (Imphal);
PROPublic Relations Officer
PSCPublic Service Commission
PSLVPolar Satellite Launch Vehicle
PSNProcessor Serial Number
PTAParent – Teacher Association
PTIPress Trust of India
PTOPlease Turn Over
PVCPoly Vinyl Chloride; Param Vir Chakra
PWDPublic Works Department
QMCQuarter – Master General
QRQuantitative Restrictions
RADARRadio Detecting and Ranging
RAMRandom Access Memory
RAWResearch and Analysis Wing
RBIReserve Bank of India
RCDRegional Cooperation for Development
RDFRapid Deployment Force
RDXResearch Department Explosive (Cyclotrimethylene Trinitramine)
RECRural Electrification Corporation
RITESRail India Technical and Economic Services
RLEGSRural Landless Employment Guarantee
RNARibonucleic Acid
RSSRashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh
RSVPRespondez Sil Vous Plait (Reply if you Please)
S and TScience and Technology; Strategy and Technology
SAFHRSouth Asian Forum for Human Rights
SAILSteel Authority of India Limited
SALTStrategic Arms Limitation Treaty
SAPTASouth Asian Preferential Trade Agreement
SARSSevere Acute Respiratory Syndrome
SATScholastic Aptitude Test
SATTESouth Asia Travel and Tourism Exchange
SCIShipping Corporation of India
SCMSupply Chain Management
SCUBASelf-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SDRSpecial Drawing Rights
SEATOSouth-East Asia Treaty Organization
SEBISecurities and Exchange Board of India
SENSEXSensitivity Index (of share price)
SERCStructural Engineering Research Centre
SEZSpecial Economic Zone
SGRCSiromani Gurudwara Prabandak Committee
SIHAMSociety for Indian Human and Animal Mycologists
SIMSubscriber Information Module
SITASuppression of Immoral Traffic in Women and Girls Act
SITESatellite Instructional Television Experiment
SJVNSatluj Jal Vidyut Nigam
SLFPSri Lanka Freedom Party
SLVSatellite Launch Vehicle
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNIPESSociety of National Institutes for Physical Education and Sports
SOHOSmall Office Home Office
SPCASociety for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals
SPROBSpace Propellant Boost Plant
SPTMSelf-Printing Ticketing Machine
SSCStaff Selection Commission
STAR (TV)Satellite Television Asian Region Ltd.
STARTStrategic Arms Reduction Treaty
STCState Trading Corporation
STDSubscriber Trunk Dialing; Sexually Transmitted Diseases
STPSoftware Technology Park
SUNFEDSpecial United Nations Fund for Economic Development
SWAPOSouth-West African People’s Organization
SWOTStrengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
TADATerrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act
TAPSTarapur Atomic Power Station
TAXTrunk Automatic Exchange
TDATrade Development Authority
TELCOTata Engineering and Locomotive Company
TELEXTeleprinter Exchange
TERLSThumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station
TFTThin-Film Transistor
THITemperature Humidity Index
TIFRTata Institute of Fundamental Research
TIPSTechnology and Information Pilot System
TISCOTata Iron and Steel Company
TLCTotal Literacy Campaign
TMOTelegraphic Money Order
TNGThe Next Generation
TNTTri-Nitro-Toluene (Explosive)
TOEFLTest of English as a Foreign Language
TPMTotal Productivity Maintenance
TQMTotal Quality Management
TRIMSTrade Related Investment Measures
TRIPSTrade Related Intellectual Property Rights
TRYSEM(National Scheme) Training of Rural Youth for Self-Employment
TUCTrade Union Congress
UAEUnited Arab Emirates
UANCUnited African National Council
UARUnited Arab Republic
UCILUranium Corporation of India Ltd
UCTAUnited Chambers of Trade Associations
UGCUniversity Grants Commission
UHFUltra-High Frequency
UNCEDUnited Nations Conference on Environment and Development
UNCIPUnited Nations Commission for India and Pakistan
UNCITRALUnited Nations Conference on International Trade Law
UNCLOSUnited Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea
UNCNRSEUnited Nations Conference for New and Renewable Sources of Energy
UNCODUnited Nations Conference on Desertification
UNCSTDUnited Nations Conference on Science and Technology
UNCTADUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNDCUnited Nations Disarmament Commission
UNDOFUnited Nations Disengagement Observer Force
UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme
UNEFUnited Nations Emergency Force
UNEPUnited Nations Environment Programme
UNESCOUnited Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNFPAUnited Nations Fund for Population Activities
UNHCRUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNIUnited News of India
UNICUnited Nations Information Centre
UNICEFUnited National International Children’s Emergency Fund (now ‘United Nations Children’s Fund’); United Nations International Children’s Education Fund
UNIDOUnited Nations Industrial Development Organization
UNIFILUnited Nations Interim Force in Lebanon
UNISPACEUnited Nations Conference on Peaceful Use of Space
UNITAUnion for the Total Independence of Angola
UNITARUnited Nations Institute for Training and Research
UNITCUnited Nations International Trade Centre
UNLAUganda’s National Liberation Army
UNMOGIPUnited Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan
UNOPSUnited Nations Office for Project Services
UNPROFORUnited Nations Protection Force
UNRRAUnited Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
UNUUnited Nations University
UPAUnited Progressive Alliance
UPIUnited Press International
UPSUninterrupted Power Supply
UPSCUnion Public Service Commission
URLUniform Resource Locator
USAIDUnited States Agency for International Development
USISUnited States Information Service
UNC TADUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development
USPUnique Selling Proposition
VABALValue – Based Advance Licensing
VANVirtual Area Network
VATValue Added Tax
VATISValue Added Technology Information Service
VCRVideo Cassette Recorder
VDVenereal Disease
VHSVideo Home System
VIPVery Important Person
VIRUSVital Information Resources Under Siege
VPIVirtual Private Internet
VPPValue Payable Post
VRDEVehicle Research and Development Establishment
VRSVoluntary Retirement Scheme
VSATVery Small Aperture Terminal
VSPVisakhapatnam Steel Plant
VSSCVikram Sarabhai Space Centre
VTECVariable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control
VTRVideo Tape Recorder
WAPCOSWater and Power Development Consultancy Services (India) Ltd
WASMEWorld Assembly of Small and Medium Enterprises
WEFWorld Economic Forum
WFCWorld Food Council
WFPWorld Food Programme
WFTUWorld Federation of Trade Unions
WGWork Group
WHOWorld Health Organization
WMOWorld Meteorological Organization
WPIWholesale Price Index
WROWeakly Interacting Massive Particle; Windows, Icons, Meus, Pointers
WSISWorld Summit on Information Society
WTOWorld Trade Organization
WWFWorld Wildlife Fund, now renamed Worldwide Fund for Nature
WWWWorld Wide Web
YMCAYoung Men’s Christian Association
YMIAYoung Men’s Indian Association
YWCAYoung Women’s Christian Association
ZIPZone Improvement Plan
ZOPFANZone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality

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