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Agriculture in India Syllabus Notes 2021 Download Study Materials BOOK PDF

Here, we have provided the links which contains the study materials which will help you in studying and preparing for your examinations of the Agriculture in India. Referring to the links we’ve provided below and the links which contains the study materials of Agriculture in India. PDF Format along with the list of recommended books which we’ve provided below, you will be able to ace your examinations. We have also provided you the further details which will allow you to do well in your exams and learn more. These study materials help you understand the concepts and everything easily and creates a better space for you to work on. These study materials give you the best resources to study from.

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Every year, they release notifications for several vacant posts, so required people interested in the job can apply for the job. To ace the exam, every candidate needs to prepare for the exam as per the syllabus and information provided in the study materials exclusively for this purpose. To get the study materials that are required, you must download the files provided below. You can click on the links given below to download the files and then study them. We hope you find our resources helpful. Every student who has studied using our study materials finds the exam easy to ace since question banks and solution keys are attached along. Once you’ve mastered the content provided in the study materials we’ve provided for you, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to acing the exam. Use our resources to study well for your exam and get your dream job

FOOD CROPSTop producing statesSuitable Soil TypeClimatic conditions and temperaturesMajor Producers of the world
WheatUttar Pradesh, Punjab and Madhya PradeshThrives best in well drained loamy soil.Wheat requires moderate temperature and rainfall during growing season and bright sunshine at the time of harvest.China
RiceWest Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra PradeshGrows best in alluvial clayey soil, which can retain water.Rice needs high temperature, high humidity and rainfall.China
MaizeAndhra Pradesh, Karnataka, RajasthanMaize grows in well drained fertile soilMaize usually grows well under temperatures varying from 21°C to 27°C, although it can tolerate temperatures as high as 35°C. It requires 50-100mm of rainfall.USA
MilletsRajasthan, Maharashtra, GujaratMillets grow well on well-drained loamy soils. They will not tolerate water-logged soils or extreme drought. Proso millet does not perform well on coarse, sandy soils.Millets require warm temperatures for germination and development and are sensitive to frost.India
GramMadhya Pradesh, Tamil NaduFertile sandy & loam soil in various parts of India provide perfect condition for Chickpea growth.It is mostly grown under rain fed conditions in arid and semi-arid areas around the world.India
BarleyMaharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, RajasthanSandy loam to loamy stand soils of Indo-Gangetic plains having neutral to mild saline reaction and medium fertility are the most suitable types for barley cultivation.Barley is currently popular in temperate areas where it is grown as a summer crop and tropical areas where it is sown as a winter crop.Russia
FIBRE CROPSMajor producing states-wiseSuitable Soil TypeClimatic conditions and temperaturesMajor Producers of the world
JuteWest Bengal, BiharJute grows well on alluvial soilJute requires high temperature,heavy rainfall and humid climate.India
CottonGujarat, MaharashtraCotton grows best on black and alluvial soils.Cotton requires high temperature, light rainfall, two hundred and ten frost-free days and bright sunshine for its growth.India
HempMadhya Pradesh. Uttar PradeshIndustrial hemp can be grown on a wide variety of soil types. Hemp prefers a sufficiently deep, well-aerated soil with a pH of 6 or greater, along with good moisture and nutrient holding capacityHemp prefers a mild climate, humid atmosphere, and a rainfall of at least 25-30 inches per year.France
OIL SEEDSMajor producing states-wiseSuitable Soil TypeClimatic conditions and temperaturesMajor Producers of the world
CoconutKerala, Tamil NaduCoconuts thrive their best in such soils which have good water-holding capacity along with the facility of proper drainage.Coconut is grown in different soil types such as laterite, coastal sandy, alluvial, and also in reclaimed soils of the marshy lowlands.Coconut is a tropical crop and grows well a hot climate.Indonesia
LinseedRajasthan, Madhya PradeshThe soils most suitable for flax, besides the alluvial kind, are deep loams containing a large proportion of organic matter.Basically, Flax seed crop is a cool weather/winter crop. This seed crop thrives well in both alluvial soil of the north and south peninsular region.Canada
GroundnutGujarat, Andhra Pradesh, TamilnaduGroundnut is perfectly grown in a well-drained sandy loam, or sandy clay loam s oil.Groundnut is grown as both a rain-fed and irrigation crop. The crop is mostly grown under rain-fed conditions. The ideal season to grow it in India is in summer and during the monsoon.China
RapeseedRajasthan, Madhya PradeshGrows best on medium textured, well drained soils and tolerates salinity highly.Rapeseed growth is favourable particularly to the cool extremes of the temperate zones.Canada
SesameWest Bengal, RajasthanSandy loam, well-drained soil typeSesame is grown in tropical and sub-tropical areas of rainfed conditionsTanzania
SunflowerKarnataka, Andhra Pradesh, MaharashtraSunflower will grow in a wide range of soil types from sands to claysSunflower is grown in many semi-arid regions of the world from Argentina to Canada and from central Africa into the Soviet Union. It is tolerant of both low and high temperatures but more tolerant to low temperatures.Ukraine, Russia
PLANTA-TIONMajor producing states-wiseSuitable Soil TypeClimatic conditions and temperaturesMajor Producers of the world
CoffeeKarnataka, KeralaCoffee requires well-drained loamy soil. Hill slopes are more suitable for growth of this crop.Warm and Wet climateBrazil
TeaAssam, West Bengal, Kerala, TamilnaduTea needs well-drained loamy soils and gentle slopesChina
RubberKerala, Tamil NaduDeep well drained loamy soils on the hill slopesRubber requires hot and humid climate with temperature of 25°-35°C and annual rainfall of over 200 cm.Thailand
TobaccoAndhra Pradesh, Telengana, KarnatakaRich, well drained soilWarm climates with upto 100 cm rainfallChina
SPICESMajor producing states-wiseSuitable Soil TypeClimatic conditions and temperaturesMajor Producers of the world
CashewnutsAndhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Orissa and Tamil Nadu.Deep, well-drained sandy or sandy-loam soil is optimal.Cashew trees are topical and frost sensitiveIndia
GingerKeralaRich and fertile soil is optimum for Ginger cuiltivationGinger grows well in warm and humid climateIndia
PepperKerala, Karnataka, Tamil NaduWell drained level land and hill slopes are suitable for growing pepper.Warm humid tropics are ideal for Pepper GrowthVietnam
TurmericTelengana, Tamil Nadu, Orissablack, black clayey looms and red soils having natural drainageTurmeric requires hot, moist climateIndia

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