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Artificial Intelligence Notes Pdf September 2019

Artificial Intelligence: You can download the Study materials and notes for Artificial Intelligence in PDF files from the official website.

Artificial Intelligence Books

All the Books and the Study Materials for the third year B-tech have been updated on the official website. Previously we had updated many books on several subjects so that candidates can choose the books they want and start preparing for the examination. In this article, we are going to discuss the subject of Artificial Intelligence. The purpose of AI is to make an intelligent machine that initially thinks as good as a human, but eventually much better, even to the degree of far superior.

Artificial Intelligence Books 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a department of computer science that features the creation of intelligent machines that act and react like humans. Some of the actions computers with artificial intelligence are designed to include: Speech recognition, Learning, Planning, and Problem-solving. The career opportunities in this field are vast.  There is a lot of job opportunities in this field. This is a pressure task job. To excel in this field, you need to have a broad knowledge of the subject and enough experience to handle the situations that are happening in the organization.  Here we are only giving you the guide to prepare for the examination. The best part you have to acquire by yourself. Here we are providing you with the best books and Study Materials recommended by experts who will be beneficial to you at the time of preparation. The detailed synopsis of the subject is available on the web so that candidates can download that and prepare according to it.

Artificial Intelligence Syllabus – B.Tech 3rd Year


Introduction to artificial intelligence: Introduction, history, intelligent systems, foundations of AI, applications, tic-tac-toe game playing, development of ai languages, current trends in AI


Problem-solving: state-space search and control strategies: Introduction, general problem solving, characteristics of the problem, exhaustive searches, heuristic search techniques, iterative- deepening a*, constraint satisfaction Problem reduction and game playing: Introduction, problem reduction, game playing, alpha-beta pruning, two-player perfect information games


Logic concepts: Introduction, propositional calculus, proportional logic, natural deduction system, axiomatic system, semantic tableau system in proportional logic, resolution refutation in proportional logic, predicate logic


Knowledge representation: Introduction, approaches to knowledge representation, knowledge representation using the semantic network, extended semantic networks for KR, knowledge representation using frames advanced knowledge representation techniques: Introduction, conceptual dependency theory, script structure, cyc theory, case grammars, semantic web


Expert system and applications: Introduction phases in building expert systems, expert system versus traditional systems, rule-based expert systems blackboard systems truth maintenance
systems, application of expert systems, list of shells and tools


Uncertainty measure: probability theory: Introduction, probability theory, Bayesian belief networks, certainty factor theory,Dempster-Shafer theory Fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic: Introduction, fuzzy sets, fuzzy set operations, types of membership functions, multi-valued logic, fuzzy logic, linguistic variables and hedges, fuzzy propositions, inference rules for fuzzy propositions, fuzzy systems.

• Identify problems that are amenable to solution by AI methods, and which AI methods may be suited to solving a given problem.
• Formalize a given problem in the language/framework of different AI methods (e.g., as a search problem, as a constraint satisfaction problem, as a planning problem, as a Markov
decision process, etc).
• Implement basic AI algorithms (e.g., standard search algorithms or dynamic programming).
• Design and carry out an empirical evaluation of different algorithms on a problem formalization, and state the conclusions that the evaluation supports.

Artificial Intelligence Pdf Books Free Download

Artificial intelligence basics pdf Download
lecture notes of artificial intelligence Download
Artificial intelligence lecture  notes ppt Download
Artificial intelligence   handwritten notes Download
introduction to artificial intelligence pdf download Download
Artificial Intelligence Question Paper Download

Reference Books List for Artificial Intelligence

  •  Artificial Intelligence- Saroj Kaushik, CENGAGE Learning,
  • The Artificial intelligence, A Modern Approach, 2nd ed, Stuart Russel, Peter Norvig, PEA
  •  Artificial Intelligence- Rich, Kevin Knight, Shiv Shankar B Nair, 3rd ed, TMH
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Patterson, PHI
  • Artificial intelligence, structures, and Strategies for Complex problem solving, -George F Lugar, 5th ed, PEA
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Ertel, Wolf Gang, Springer
  •  Artificial Intelligence, A new Synthesis, Nils J Nilsson, Elsevier

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Discuss the areas of application of Artificial Intelligence.?
  • Discuss the tic-tac-toe problem in detail and explain how it can be solved using AI techniques?
  • Explain A* algorithm with an example. What are the limitations of A* algorithm?
  • Describe different control strategies used in problem-solving?
  • Consider the following sentences: i. John likes all kinds of food. ii. Apples are food iii. Chicken is food iv. Anything anyone eats and isn’t killed by is food. v. Bill eats peanuts and is still alive. vi. Sue eats everything Bill eats.

a) Translate these sentences into formulas in predicate logic.

b) Convert the equations into clause form.

c) Prove that John likes peanuts using Resolution.

  • What are the frames? Give a sample frame of a Computer department of a college?
  • Explain reasoning using Semantic networks?
  • With a neat diagram, explain the justification based truth maintenance system?
  • Explain the logic based truth maintenance system with an example?
  • Define the certainty factor. What are the components of the certainty factor?
  • Explain the Bayesian method of reasoning?

All the Books and Study Materials which the Candidates need are updated on the website. So without further delay, Students can download the Books for free in Pdf format or can purchase it directly. The compact Study Materials prepared by our experts will be a life savior for those who don't have time to look through the whole syllabus. Make sure that you share this link with your friends so that these Books will be helpful for them also.

Candidates can keep in touch with our site for more information on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Books.

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