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B.Tech Legal Environment and Business Law Study Material BOOK PDF 2020: Download B.Tech Legal Environment and Business Law Study Materials.

Here, we have provided the links containing the study materials, which will help you study and prepare for your B.Tech Legal Environment and Business Law 2020 edition examinations. Referring to the connections we’ve provided below and the links containing the study materials in PDF format, and the list of recommended books that we’ve provided below, you will be able to ace your examinations. We have also provided you with further details that will allow you to do well in your exams and learn more. These study materials help you understand the concepts and everything quickly and creates a better space for you to work on. These study materials give you the best resources to study from.

Download Study Materials for B.Tech Legal Environment and Business Law

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Recommended Books

  • David P. Baron, Business And Its Environment, Pearson Education, 2006.
  • Thomas Childs Cochran And Harold I. Sharlin, Business And Its Environment: Essays For Thomas C. Cochran, Greenwood Press, 1983.
  • Patrick J. Cihon and James O. Castagnera, Employment and Labor Law, South-Western College.
  • Richard Schaffer, Beverley Earle, and Filiberto Agusti, International Business Law and Its Environment, South-Western College, 2005.
  • Maheshwari & Maheswari, MERCANTILE LAW, Himalaya Publishing House. Mumbai
  • Rudder dutt & Sundaram, INDIAN ECONOMY, Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi.
  • Veena Keshav Pailwar, ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS, Phi Learning Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, 2010
  • David Needle., Business In Context: An Introduction To Business And Its Environment (Revised Edition), Thomas Rennie, 2004.
  • Pathak, LEGAL ASPECTS OF BUSINESS, Tata Mcgraw- Hill Publishing Company Limited, New Delhi, 2010.
  • Keith-davis & William Frederick, BUSINESS AND SOCIETY, McGraw-Hill, Tokyo.
  • M.M. Sulphey & Az-Har Basheer, LAWS FOR BUSINESS, Phi Learning Pvt. Ltd. Delhi, 2011


Unit – I

Dynamics Of Business And Its Environment – Technological,
Political, Social And Cultural Environment – Corporate Governance And Social Responsibility – Ethics In Business – Economic Systems And Management Structure – Family Management To Professionalism – Resource Base Of The Economy – Land, Forest, Water, Fisheries, Minerals – Environmental Issues.

Unit – II

Infrastructure – Economic- Social, Demographic Issues, Political
Context – Productivity Factors, Human Elements And Issues For
Improvement – Global Trends In Business And Management – Mncs – Foreign Capital And Collaboration – Trends In Indian Industry – The Capital Market Scenario.

Unit – III

Law Of Contract – Agreement – Offer – Acceptance – Consideration
– Capacity Of Contract Contingent Contract – Quasi Contract –
Performance – Discharge – Remedies To Breach Of Contract – Partnership – Sale Of Goods – Law Of Insurance – Negotiable Instruments – Notes, Bills, Cheques – Crossing – Endorsement – Holder In Due Course – Holder In Value – Contract Of Agency.

Unit – IV

Company – Formation – Memorandum – Articles – Prospectus
– Shares – Debentures -Directors – Appointment – Powers And Duties -Meetings – Proceedings – Management – Accounts – Audit – Oppression And Mismanagement – Winding Up.

Unit – V

Factory Act – Licensing And Registration Of Factories, Health,
Safety And Welfare Measures – Industrial Disputes Act – Objects And Scope Of The Act, Effects Of Industrial Dispute, Administration Under The Act- Minimum Wages Act – Workmen Compensation Act.

Important Questions

  • Who is minor? What is the position of minor contract in India tinder Indian Contract Act?
  • Define and explain the tenn ‘goods’. What are the different types of goods under the sales of Goods Act? Also the distinction between a ‘Sale’ and’ Agreement to sell’.
  •  Critically examine the concept of Dishonor of the cheques.
  • Explain Tenn ‘winding up’? Who may apply for winding up of a company?
  • Describe the various modes of winding up.
  • Write a detailed note on the constitutional framework of taxation in India
  •  What is the significance of crossing the cheque?
  • What do you mean by the utmost good faith?
  • Explain the term common carriers.
  • The distinction between company and Partnership.
  • A distinction between Direct and Indirect Taxes.
  • Define the tenn contract. What are the ess~ntials of a valid contract?
  • Explain the term offer and Invitation to offer.
  •  What do you mean by consideration?
  • Define the term ‘Sale’.
  • Who is an unpaid seller?
  • Explain the term Negotiable Instrument.

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