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MBA Business Communication Lecture Notes Pdf September 2019

MBA Business Communication: You can download the Study materials and notes for MBA Business Communication in PDF files from the official website.

MBA Business Communication Books

We are informing the candidates of MBA that the books and Study Materials for the first semester of Business Communication are now available on the official website.It took some time for us to gather all the information and notes, so it is delayed a bit. But now it is available on the official website, so candidates can download the books an Study Materials in Pdf format free. The primary objective of Business  Communication is to exchange ideas, opinions, thoughts, beliefs, and information between human beings. In the fields of business, the primary purpose of communication is to help managers in performing all managerial functions smoothly.

Business Communication Books 2018

Business Communication can be described as the sharing of knowledge between people within an operation that is operated for the commercial benefit of the organization. Also, business communication can also refer to how a company shares information to promote its product or services to potential consumers. The core courses in an MBA program cover various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and statistics and many. “Communication is something so simple and difficult that we can never put it in simple words,” says T.S. Mathews. Communication is not the transmission of a message nor the message itself. It is the mutual exchange of understanding, originating with the receiver. A discussion needs to be useful in business. Communication is the essence of management. The primary functions of management (Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling) cannot be performed well without effective communication.

MBA Bussines Communication Syllabus for MBA 1st semester

Lesson: 1

Objective: The primary purpose of this lesson is to make the students learn on the subject matter of the business communication vis-à-vis its nature and importance.
Structure: Introduction, The Concept of Communication, Significance of Communication, Nature of Business Communications: A Case Study

Lesson: 2

Effective Communication Skills
Objective: The principal aim of this lesson is to create an understanding of the minds of students regarding various communication skills and also let them know the relevance of such powers.
Structure: Introduction, Objective of Business Communication. Effective Communications Skills, Summary, Key Words.

Lesson: 3

Objective: The chief aim of this lesson is to generate thoughtful ideas in the psyche of students as regards the method of communication and the sequencing of different steps that the process of communication contains.
Structure: Introduction, How to Understand Communication Process, A Common Misconception,  The Communication Environment, A Well Designed Communication Process, Summary, Key Words.

Lesson: 4

Objective: The primary purpose of this lesson is to breed the attentive thoughts in the consciousness of students relating to boundaries and gateways in business communication and to enable them to avoid the occurrence of such events in the discussion that create communication gap.
Structure: Introduction, Barriers in Communication., Gateways to Communication Barriers, Making Communication Effective, Summary, Key Words, Self Assessment Questions, Suggested Readings.

Lesson: 5

Objective: This lesson educates the students as to how to communicate clearly and efficiently through commercial letters. It explains the necessary skills necessary to write various types of commercial or business messages.
Structure: Introduction, Do’s and Don’t of Commercial Letter

Lesson: 6

Objective: The primary purpose of this lesson is to make the students learn the basics of business reports and make them understand as for how the user stories are written.
Structure: Introduction, Types of Business Reports, Characteristics of A Good Report, Structures of Business Reports

Lesson: 7

Objective: The primary goal of this teaching is to make the students learn the basics of Oral and Non-verbal Communication.
Structure: Introduction, Oral and Non-verbal Communication

Lesson: 8

Objective: The primary goal of this drill is to make the students learn about the basics of general speaking aspects in business communication and to enable them to avoid the occurrence of such events in public speaking that do not add to the value of the speaker.
Structure: Introduction, Encoding and Translating, Understanding Your Audience, Targeting Your Audience, Designing a Presentation,  Preparing the Venue and Seating Arrangement, Final Point and Getting Start

Lesson: 9

Objective: The most important goal of this lesson is to make the students learn the basics of business negotiation skills in
discussion along with its legal aspects.
Structure: Introduction, Phases of a Negotiation, Characteristics of a Negotiation, Opening Negotiations, Legal Aspects of Communication

Lesson: 10

Objective: The intention of this exercise is to give the learners an understanding of agency correspondence, thereby enabling them to draft various agency related letters.
Structure: Introduction, Essentials of Agency Correspondence, Hints for Drafting Agency-related Letters, Some Sample Letters.

MBA Business Communication Lecture Notes pdf

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MBA Business Communication textbooks

  •  Pal, Rajendra, and Korlahalli, J. S., Essentials of Business
  • Fred Luthans, Organizational Behaviour, Boston, McGraw-Hill, 8th edition, 1998.
  • Kaul, Asha, Effective Business Communication.
  • Lesikar, Raymond V., and Pettit John D, Business Communication: Theory and application, 6th edition, Richard D Irwin publication.
  • Sharma, R. C., Business Communication and Report Writing.
  • Varinder Kumar, Raj Bodh, Business Communication, Kalyani Publishers, New Delhi, 2001.
  • Lesikar, R. V. and Pettite J. D., Business Communication.
  •  Sharma, R. C., Business Communication and Report Writing.
  • Sinha, P., Business Communication.
  • Business Communication by K. K. Sinha. Galgotia Publishing Company., New Delhi.
  • Business Communication by C. C. Pattensheti. R. Chand and Company Publishers., New Delhi.
  •  Essentials of Business Communication by Rajindra Pal and J. S. Korlahalli. Sultan Chand and Sons., New Delhi.16
  •  Effective Business Communication by Herta A. Murphy and Charles E. Peck. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited., New Delhi.
  • Essentials of Business Communication by Pettett and Lesikar. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited., New Delhi.
  •  Business Communication by Pettett and Lesikar. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited., New Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Communication is sharing of understanding”, Discuss this and bring out the process of communication.
  •  “Management is a two-way traffic; it is based upon the effective machinery of communication.” Discuss this statement.
  • What are the main barriers to organizational communication?
  •  Discuss the psychological barriers to effective communication.
  • How do the personal opinions and prejudices of various individuals act as barriers to effective communication? Illustrate your answer with suitable examples.
  • What is meant by status-consciousness? How does it impede the smooth flow of communication?
  •  Explain how the wrong choice of the channel of communication acts as a barrier to communication.
  • How does language act as a barrier to effective communication?

The contents of this book are arranged very well. It has a right mix of previous years questions and RTP questions, which is enough for practice. It also includes different types of problems that can be formed from the chapters.

We have provided MBA Business Communication in PDF for first Semesters. Any University student can download the given MBA Business Communication Notes and Study material, or you can buy BCom Books online also.

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