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We have provided books and study materials for the first year for B.Com. If you are looking for the study materials for first year, you can check the official website. The pdf file of the books and articles and notes are available online. You can get Complete Notes & Books in PDF format for B.Com which stands for Bachelor of Commerce. Candidates can refer the site and download the books and notes which are needed for preparation.

B.Com Books 2018

Commerce program aims to prepare the students for accountancy as a career. Five semesters of classroom learning and one semester of rigorous training in accounting & finance build a strong foundation of B.Com students. Candidates from any university can download these pdf files and use these as references. These notes are a lifesaver for those competitors who don’t have the time to go through the entire Curriculum and need a more compact version of the information. You can study from any place.

Download B.Com 1st Year Books

B.Com Books (Bachelor of Commerce) – 1st Year Books
Financial Accounting-I Download
Business Law-I Download
Company Law Download
Business Economics-I Download
Business Organization & Management Download
Auditing-I Download
Cost Accounting-I Download
Taxation-I Download
Mathematics & Statistics Download

B.Com 1st Year Subjects & Syllabus

B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce) Is usually classified into three years or 6 semesters. One year has two terms. In this article, we present complete details of 1st year outline and Bcom 1st year subjects along with 1st year Books in PDF.

Subjects in B.Com Semester I

  • Environmental Studies
  • English
  • Second Language
  • Financial Accounting –I
  • Business Economics & Business Organization
  • Information Technology First semester includes four principal subjects and two additional language subjects. The four central topics are Financial Accounts, Economics, Maths/Computer, and Business Communications. Whereas for distant subjects, English is mandatory and student can select any one from other subjects (Kannada, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil).

Get comprehensive details about B.Com first semester subjects here and downloads materials.

Semester I

1 ACCOUNTS Financial Accounting – 1
2 ECONOMICS Fundamentals of Microeconomics
3  MATHS / COMPUTER Mathematics & Statistics-I OR
*Mathematics for Finance-I OR
Business Computing-I
4 Management  Business management -I
5 COMPULSORY ENGLISH English for Communication-1
6  ADDITIONAL ENGLISH Language through Literature-1
7 GENERAL AWARENESS – 1 An Insight into India
8 GENERAL AWARENESS – 2 Dimensions of Business Studies – 1

Subjects in B.Com Semester II

The B.Com Second semester goal is to impart basic knowledge also to explain the significance of business laws and significant accounting. It has one of the Core Module Syllabus for Environmental Studies and involves classroom teaching and Field Work for six months. Also to favorably clear the exam you need to obtain a minimum of 35% marks in each theory as well as in practical exam.

  • Gender Sensitisation
  • English – II
  • Second Language – II
  • Financial Accounting –II
  • Managerial Economics
  • Principles of Management
  • Foreign Trade

Subjects included in second semester are Accounts, Economics, Maths/Computers, Management, Compulsory English, additional English, General awareness-1 and General awareness 2.  Refer the table below.

One can get complete details of B.Com second semester syllabus and subjects here.

Semester II

1 ACCOUNTS Financial Accounting – 2
2 ECONOMICS Advanced Microeconomics
3  MATHS / COMPUTER Mathematics & Statistics-II OR
*Mathematics for Finance-II OR
Business Computing-II
4 Management Business management -II
5 COMPULSORY ENGLISH Language through Literature-2
6  ADDITIONAL ENGLISH Language through Literature-1
7 GENERAL AWARENESS – 1 An Insight into India
8 GENERAL AWARENESS – 2 Dimensions of Business Studies – 2

We have published B.Com Books for all semesters earlier. Candidates can download the pdf and start preparing for the exams. You will be getting more time for the study if you start now. By doing this, you can pass the exam with flying colors. Please share this link with your friends who are in search of B.Com Books and Study Materials for First Year. Candidates can keep in touch with our website for more information on books.

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Cross-Cultural Business Management: You can download the Study materials and notes for Cross-Cultural Business Management in PDF files from the official website.

Cross-Cultural Business Management Books

Candidates can download the fourth semester Books and Study Materials from the official website. We have updated Books on several subjects so that it will be helpful for you and you can choose the Books you want. In this article, we are focusing on the subject Cross-Cultural Business Management. The primary aim of this subject is that it covers all features the of cross-cultural management such as cross-cultural negotiations, conflict, and leadership, and describes how to deal with culture shock and which training techniques to choose when preparing employees for an international assignment. The core courses in an MBA program cover various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and statistics, etc.

Cross-Cultural Business Management Books 2018

Cross-cultural management is the study of control in a cross-cultural context. It comprises the study of the importance of societal culture on managers and management system as well as the research of the cultural orientations of individual managers and association members. Cross-cultural management needs specific skills, and businesses that crave to succeed in such a management style may need to offer employees additional training. To survive in this field, you need to have a broad knowledge of the subject. For that, we are helping you by giving you all the necessary material to prepare well. We are providing you with the best books and Study Materials which will help you to perform well for the examination.

MBA Cross-Cultural Business Management Syllabus – 4th Semester

Unit – I

Introduction – Concept of Culture for a Business Context; Brief wrap up of organizational culture & its dimensions; Cultural Background of business stakeholders [managers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers, and others] – An Analytical framework

Unit – II

Culture and Global Management – Global Business Scenario and Role of CultureA Framework for Analysis; Elements & Processes of Communication across Cultures; Communication Strategy for/ of an Indian MNC and Foreign MNC & High-Performance Winning Teams and Cultures; Culture Implications for Team Building

Unit – III

Cross Culture – Negotiation & Decision Making – Process of Negotiation and Needed Skills & Knowledge Base – Overview with two illustrations from multicultural contexts [India – Europe/ India – US settings, for instance]; International and Global
Business Operations- Strategy Formulation & Implementation; Aligning Strategy, Structure & Culture in an organizational Context.

Unit – IV

Global Human Resources Management – Staffing and Training for Global Operations – Expatriate – Developing a Global Management Cadre. Motivating and Leading; Developing the values and behaviors necessary to build high-performance organization personnel [individuals and teams included] – Retention strategies.

Unit – V

Corporate Culture – The Nature of Organizational Cultures Diagnosing the As-Is Condition; Designing the Strategy for a Culture Change Building; Successful Implementation of Culture Change Phase; Measurement of Ongoing Improvement.

MBA Cross-Cultural Business Management Textbook Pdf

MBA cross-cultural management book pdf Download
cross-cultural management textbook pdf Download
cross-cultural management ppt MBA Download
Cross-Cultural Business Management Question paper Download

Suggested Books for Cross-Cultural Business Management

  • Esenn Drlarry, Rchildress John, THE SECRET OF A WINNING CULTURE: PHI, Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is a measurement of change important?
  • What is the role of top management and middle management in the change process?
  • How do you implement culture change in an organization?
  • What do you measure in a change process?
  •  What are the metrics chosen for measurement? Why?
  • What inputs are to be measured during a change process?
  • Measurement of change is essential for course correction during a change process. Explain.
  • What are the common pitfalls of organizational change?
  • Enumerate the factors determining successful organizational change.
  •  Write a note on the organizational change management process.
  • The most challenging process in change is implementation. Explain.
  •  Implementation is crucial to the success of an organizational change process. Explain.
  • Study an organizational change process and list out the factors that have helped the process succeed.
  • What are the cultural differences preventing the training to take place as expected?
  • How does creativity enter into action?
  • How do you explain that the participants didn’t seem to notice Fanny’s change of role?
  • Can you think of a similar situation near you?

We have provided you with all the necessary materials which are needed for the preparation of the fourth semester Cross-Cultural Business Management examination. So without further delay, candidates can download the Books and Study materials from the website for free in Pdf format or can purchase it directly. These Books will help you in the better understanding of the subject and practice all the questions mentioned above to get more knowledge about the subject. Make sure that you share this link with your friends so that these books will be helpful for them also

Candidates can keep in touch with our website for more information on Cross-Cultural Business Management Books