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Data Structure Lecture Notes Pdf December 2018

Data Structure: You can download the Study materials and notes for Data Structure in PDF files from the official website.

Data Structure Books

The Books and Study Materials for the first year B-tech Data structure are updated on the official website. Candidates who are on a hunt for the study Materials can check the web. We had already updated many books for first-year B-tech. Candidates can check the site and download the Notes they want. In this article, we are going to discuss the subject Data Structure. This course aims to give you a feel for algorithms and data structures as a central part of what it is to be a computer scientist.

Data Structure Books 2018

A data structure is a functional format for creating and storing data. General data structure types comprise the array, the file, the record, the table, the tree, and so on. Any data structure is created to organize data to suit a specific goal so that it can be accessed and operated in proper ways. Here we are providing all the necessary materials which will be helpful for you at the time of preparation for the examination. The detailed syllabus is also available on the web so that candidates can follow that and the learning process will be natural.

Data Structure Lecture Notes Pdf For Engineering

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List of Reference Books for Data  Structures  – 2nd Sem

  •  Data structures, Algorithms, and Applications in C++, S.Sahni, University Press (India) Pvt.Ltd, 2nd edition, Universities Press Orient Longman Pvt. Ltd.
  • Data structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++, Mark Allen Weiss, Pearson Education. Ltd., Second Edition.
  • Data structures and algorithms in C++, 3rd Edition, Adam Drozdek, Thomson
  • Data structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++, Mark Allen Weiss, Pearson Education. Ltd., Second Edition.
  • Data structures using C and C++, Langsam, Augenstein and Tanenbaum, PHI.
  • Problem-solving with C++, The OOP, Fourth edition, W.Savitch, Pearson education.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Define algorithm.
  • State the various steps in developing algorithms?
  • State the properties of algorithms.
  • Define the efficiency of an algorithm?
  • State the various methods to estimate the efficiency of an algorithm.
  • Define the time complexity of an algorithm?
  • Define worst case of an algorithm.
  • Mention the various spaces utilized by a program.
  • Define the average case of an algorithm.
  • Define the best case of an algorithm.
  • What is the importance of the stopping case in recursive functions?
  • Write a function with one positive integer parameter called n. The function will
  • write 2^n-1 integers (where ^ is the exponentiation operation). Here are the patterns of output for various values of n: n=1: Output is: 1; n=2: Output is: 1 2 1; n=3: Output is: 1 2 1 3 1 2 1; n=4: Output is: 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 4 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 And so on. Note that the output for n always consists of the output for n-1, followed by n itself, followed by a second copy of the output for n-1.
  • Write a recursive function for the mathematical function: f(n) = 1 if n = 1; f(n) = 2 * f(n-1) if n >= 2
  • Which method is preferable in general?

a) Recursive method
b) Non-recursive method

  • Write a function using Recursion to print numbers from n to 0.
  •  Write a function using Recursion to enter and display a string in reverse and state whether the string contains any spaces. Don’t use arrays/strings.

We have provided all the necessary materials which are needed for the preparation for your examination. Candidates can download the Books and Study materials in Pdf format for free or can purchase it directly. Go through all the questions mentioned above to get a better idea of the subject. Make sure that you share this link with your friends so that these books will be helpful for them also.

Candidates can keep in touch with our website for more information on Data Structure Books.

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