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Information Technology Management MBA Notes Pdf September 2019

Information Technology Management: You can download the Study materials and notes for Information Technology Management in PDF files from the official website.

Information Technology Management Books

The books and Study materials of Information Technology management are now available on the official website. Candidates who are on a hunt for the note and the study Materials can check the Official website. Information Technology can be defined as the Application of management methods to assemble information, communicate it within and outside the group, and process it to enable managers to make quicker and better decisions. We have provided all the books and study materials which will be helpful for the candidates for their preparation for their examinations.

Information Technology Management Books 2018

Information management (IM) is the acquisition and management of data from one or more sources and the distribution of that knowledge to one or more audiences. This sometimes involves those who have a stake in or a right to that information. Here we prepare you for the examination with the best books and Study Materials so that you can excel in your tests. Computers and learning systems are the mechanisms that allow you to convert data efficiently and productively into information and share it to where it is needed. If used correctly they can also increase your productivity. Productivity relates to the amount of time and resources are necessary to gain the desired result.

MBA Information Technology Management Syllabus for MBA 1st semester

Unit -I

1.Fundamentals of Computer:- CPU, Basic logic gates, Computer Memory and Mass storage devices, Computer Hierarchy, Input Technologies, Output Technologies, Number Systems and Arithmetic: Decimal, Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal Number Systems, Binary Arithmetic.


2. Computer Software: Application and System Software, Programming Languages and their Classification, Assemblers, Compilers and Interpreters, Process of Software Development,
Operating Systems- Functions of Operating Systems, Types of Operating Systems (Batch Processing, Multitasking, Multiprogramming, and Real-time Systems) Database Management Systems Concepts, Types of Data Models.


3.Software Packages:- MS Word-Mail Merge, MS Excel-Formulae, Graphs, Basis Statistical Formulae, MS PowerPoint- Creating Effectiveness presentations.

Unit -IV

4.Data Communication and Networks: Concepts of Data Communication, Types of DataCommunication Networks, Communications Media, Concepts of Computer Networks, the Internet, Intranet and Extranets: Operation of the Internet, Services provided by the Internet, World Wide Web.


5.Functional and Enterprise Systems: Data, Information and Knowledge Concepts, Decision Making, Process, Physical Components of Information Systems, Classification of Information Systems. Overview of Security Issues in Information Technology, Emerging Trends in Information Technology.

IT for managers MBA notes pdf

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MBA IT Management Text Books

  • Foundations of IT, Dhiraj Sharma, Excel books.
  • Basics of Computer Science, Behrouz Forouzan, Firoz Mosharraf, Cengage.
  • Foundation of Information Technology, Alexis Leon,
    Mathews Leon, Leon Vikas.
  • Information Technology for Management, Ramesh Behi,
    Mc Graw Hill.
  • Introduction to Computers and Communications, Peter
    Norton-Sixth Edition-Tata McGraw Hill.
  • V.Rajaraman-Introduction to Information Technology,
    Prentice Hall Ind

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Discuss the role of each block in the Block diagram of a computer. Which part according to you is the most important and why?
  • Discuss the various input and output devices. Explain any two of each of them.
  • What is the Internet? How is it useful for students of Management?
  • Write a short note on the evolution of the operating system.
  • What do you mean by Querying? Support your answer with an example.
  • Name any graphics software and how it can be used to make presentations more easy and effective.
  • A manufacturing company of auto spare parts wants to become paperless by computerizing all its operations. It will communicate with clients, store inventory & records and persuade clients by showing them presentations with the help of computers. As you are assigned this task, suggest the hardware and software requirement specifying their use for efficient execution.

Here, we have provided you with the best authors, and their textbooks, Candidate, can make full use of it. The contents of this books are arranged very well so that it will be easier for students to prepare for the examination. There are also different types of problem which you can solve as practice for your test. The textbooks are accessible in pdf files on the official website, or you can buy it directly. Candidates can get the notes from the site and start preparing for the examination.

Candidates can keep in touch with our website for more information on HRM Textbooks.

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