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Largest Deserts in the World Notes 2022 Download Study Materials BOOK PDF

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The Largest Deserts in the World :

RankNamePlace and CountryTypeArea (Km 2 )
1AntarcticaAntarticaCold Winter14000000
2ArcticArticCold Winter13985000
3SaharaNorth AfricaSubtropical9000000
4Arabian DesertWestern AsiaSubtropical2330000
5Gobi DesertCentral Asia (China and Mangolia)Cold Winter1000000
6Kalahari DesertSouthern AfricaSubtropical900000
7Great Victoria DesertAustraliaSubtropical647000
8Patagonian DesertSouth America (Argentina and Chile)Cold Winter620000
9Syrian DesertWestern Asia (Iraq, Jordan and Syria)Subtropical520000
10Great Basin DesertUnited StatesCold Winter492000
11Chihuahuan DesertNorth America (Mexico and USA)Subtropical450000
12Great Sandy DesertAustraliaSubtropical400000
13Karakum DesertTurkmenistanCold Winter350000
14Colorado PlateauUnited StatesCold Winter337000
15Sonoran DesertNorth America (Mexico and USA )Suptropical310000
16Kyzylkum DesertCentral Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan)Cold Winter300000
17Taklamakan DesertChinaCold Winter270000
18Thar DesertSouth Asia (India and Pakistan)Subtropical200000
19Gibson DesertAustraliaSubtropical156000
20Dasht-E MargoAfghanistanSubtropical150000
21Registan DesertAfghanistanSubtropical146000
22Simpson DesertAustraliaSubtropical145000
23Atacama DesertSouth America (Chile and Peru)Cool Coastal140000
24Mojave DesertUnited StatesSubtropical124000
25Namib DesertSouthern Africa (Angola and Namibia)Cool Coastal81000
26Dasht –E KavirIranSubtropical77000
27Dasht – E LootIranSubtropical52000

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