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List of Governors in Bihar Notes 2021: Download List of Governors in Bihar Study Materials BOOK PDF

Here, we have provided the links which contains the study materials which will help you in studying and preparing for your examinations of the List of Governors in Bihar. Referring to the links we’ve provided below and the links which contains the study materials of List of Governors in Bihar. PDF Format along with the list of recommended books which we’ve provided below, you will be able to ace your examinations. We have also provided you the further details which will allow you to do well in your exams and learn more. These study materials help you understand the concepts and everything easily and creates a better space for you to work on. These study materials give you the best resources to study from.

Free Download Study Materials

Every year, they release notifications for several vacant posts, so required people interested in the job can apply for the job. To ace the exam, every candidate needs to prepare for the exam as per the syllabus and information provided in the study materials exclusively for this purpose. To get the study materials that are required, you must download the files provided below. You can click on the links given below to download the files and then study them. We hope you find our resources helpful. Every student who has studied using our study materials finds the exam easy to ace since question banks and solution keys are attached along. Once you’ve mastered the content provided in the study materials we’ve provided for you, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to acing the exam. Use our resources to study well for your exam and get your dream job.


1Sir James David Sifton1936-1937
2Sir Maurice Garnier Hallett1937-1938
3Sir Thomas Alexander Stewart (acting)1938
4Sir Maurice Garnier Hallett1938-1939
5Sir Thomas Alexander Stewart1939-1943
6Sir Thomas George Rutherford1943
7Sir Francis Mudie (acting)1943-1944
8Sir Thomas George Rutherford1944-1946
9Sir Hugh Dow1946-1947
10Jairamdas Daulatram1947-1948
11Madhav Shrihari Aney1948-1952
12R. R. Diwakar1952-1957
13Zakir Hussain1957-1982
14M. A. S. Ayyangar1962-1967
15Nityanand Kanungo1967-1971
16Justice U.N. Sinha (acting)1971
17Dev Kant Baruah1971-1973
18Ramchandra Dhondiba Bhandare1973-1976
19Jagannath Kaushal1976-1979
20Justice K.B.N. Singh (acting)1979
21Akhlaqur Rahman Kidwai1979-1985
22P. Venkatasubbaiah1985-1988
23Govind Narain Singh1988-1989
24Justice Dipak Kumar Sen (acting)1989
25R.D. Pradhan1989
26Jagannath Pahadia1989-1990
27Justice G.G. Sohoni (acting)1990
28Mohammad Saleem1990-1991
29B. Satyanarain Reddy (acting)1991
30Mohammad Shafi Qureshi1991-1993
31Akhlaqur Rahman Kidwai1993-1998
32Sunder Singh Bhandari1998-1999
33Justice B.M. Lall (acting)1999
34Surajbhan (acting)1999
35V. C. Pande1999-2003
36M R Jois2003-2004
37Ved Prakash Marwah (acting)2004
38Buta Singh2004-2006
39Gopalkrishna Gandhi2006
40R. S. Gavai2006-2008
41R. L. Bhatia2008-2009
42Devanand Konwar2009-2013
43D. Y. Patil2013-2014
44Keshari Nath Tripathi (Addl. charge)2014-2015
45Ram Nath Kovind2015-2017
46Keshari Nath Tripathi (Addl. charge)2017
47Satya Pal Malik2017 - 2018
48Lalji Tandon2018 - Present

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