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Mathematical Foundation Of Computer Science Notes Pdf December 2018

Mathematical Foundation Of Computer Science: You can download the Study materials and notes for Mathematical Foundation Of Computer Science in PDF files from the official website.

Mathematical Foundation Of Computer Science Books

Download the Books and Study materials for Mathematical Foundation Of Computer Science. We have updated the books and Study Materials for B-tech on the official website. Earlier we had published several articles on the Books and Study materials for B-tech. Candidates can surf the site and download the books they want. In this article, we are discussing the subject Mathematical Foundation Of Computer Science. The primary goal of this subject is to give the students the knowledge, of how to apply mathematics in computer coding.

Mathematical Foundation Of Computer Science Books 2018

Computer science is the language of solving problems with computers. With computer science, there are various options to take as a career. Computer science is a broad subject where it covers various topics like software engineering, bioinformatics, cryptography, machine learning, human-computer interaction, graphics, and a host of other fields. All of these topics need the application of mathematics to implement. Here, we are providing you with the best books recommended by experts. The detailed syllabus of the subject is available on the web o that candidates can follow the curriculum and follow according to that and learning process will be natural. The compact Study materials will be a life savior for those who don't have enough time to cover the whole syllabus.

Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science Notes Pdf

MFCS  lecture notes Download
MFCS Notes ppt Download
Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science Question Paper Download
Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science Study Material Download

List of Reference Books for Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science – 2nd Year

  • Discrete Mathematical Structures with Applications to Computer Science, J. P.Tremblay and P. Manohar, Tata McGraw Hill.
  •  Elements of Discrete Mathematics-A Computer Oriented Approach, C. L. Liu, and D. P. Mohapatra, 3rdEdition, Tata McGraw Hill.
  • Discrete Mathematics and its Applications with Combinatorics and Graph Theory, K. H. Rosen, 7th Edition, Tata McGraw Hill.
  • Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists and Mathematicians, J. L. Mott, A. Kandel, T.P. Baker, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall of India.
  • Discrete Mathematical Structures, BernandKolman, Robert C. Busby, Sharon Cutler Ross, PHI.
  • Discrete Mathematics, S. K. Chakraborty, and B.K. Sarkar, Oxford, 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Prove that a group consisting of three elements is an abelian group?
  •  Prove that G={-1,1,i,-i} is an abelian group under multiplication?
  •  Let G= {-1,0,1} . Verify that G forms an abelian group under addition?
  •  Prove that the Cancellation laws hold good in a group G.?
  • Prove that the order of a-1 is same as the order of a.?
  •  Explain in brief about Fermat's theorem?
  • State Division algorithm and apply it for a dividend of 170 and divisor of 11.
  • Explain in brief about Division theorem?
  •  Explain in brief about GCD with an example?
  • Prove that the sum of two odd integers is an even integer?
  •  Explain in brief about Euler’s theorem with examples?
  • Explain in brief about Principle of Mathematical Induction with examples?
  •  Define the Prime number? Explain in brief about the procedure for testing of prime numbers?
  • Using Fermat’s theorem, find 3201 mod 11.
  • Use Euler’s theorem to find a number between 0 and nine such that a is congruent to 7 1000 (mod 10)
  •  Find the integers x such that i) 5x≡4 (mod 3) ii) 7x≡6 (mod 5) iii) 9x≡8 (mod 7)
  • Determine GCD (1970, 1066) using the Euclidean algorithm.
  •  If a=1820 and b=231, find GCD (a, b). Express GCD as a linear combination of a and b.
  •  Find 117 mod 13 using modular arithmetic.

We have provided all the necessary materials for the preparation for the examination. So without further delay candidates can download the Books and Study Materials from the website and start preparing for the exam. Practice all the questions which are mentioned above and also practice previous year question papers to get a better idea of the subject. Practice as many problems as you can so that you can solve any questions which are asked in the examination. Make sure that you share this link with your friends so that these Books and Study materials will be helpful for them also.

Candidates can keep in touch with our website for more information on Mathematical Foundation Of Computer Science Books.

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