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MBA Service Marketing Notes Pdf September 2019

Service Marketing: You can download the Study materials and notes for Service Marketing in PDF files from the official website.

Service Marketing Books

The Books and Study Materials for the fourth semester MBA exam are now updated on the official website. Candidates who are on a hunt for the Books and study materials can check the official website. We have provided all the necessary books which are needed for the preparation. In this article, we are focusing on the subject Service Management.  Students who are doing MBA can make full use of these books for better understanding. The core courses in an MBA program cover various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and statistics, etc. The purpose of service management is to reduce high costs by integrating products and services and keep inventory levels smaller.

Service Marketing Books 2018

Service is a vague product that delivers utility or value to the customer. Service Management is thus a managerial discipline concentrated on a customer and a service. Service management is a multidisciplinary field which is related to many other management fields. It is marketing based on relationship and value.  There are a lot of responsibilities on the head of a Service Manager. It is a pressure job. To excel in this field, you must have a broad knowledge of it. This MBA exam is the first step for it. These books will prepare you in a way that you can get the right marks in the examination. These books cover every topic which is given in the syllabus. We also gave the detailed synopsis for Service Marketing so that you can prepare following it.

MBA Service Marketing  Syllabus- 4th  Semester

Unit – I

Marketing of Services – Introduction – Growth of the Service Sector – The Concept of Service – Characteristics of Services  Classification of Services – Designing the Service Blueprinting, Using Technology – Developing Human Resources – Building Service Aspirations.

Unit – II

Marketing mix in services marketing – The seven Ps – Product Decisions – Pricing Strategies and Tactics – Promotion of Services and Placing or Distribution Methods for Services – Additional Dimensions in Services Marketing – People, Physical Evidence and Process – Internet as a service channel.

Unit – III

Strategic Marketing Management for Services – Matching Demand and Supply through Capacity Planning and Segmentation – Internal Marketing of a Service – External versus Internal Orientation of Service Strategy.

Unit – IV

Delivering Quality Services – Causes of Service-Quality Gaps – The Customer Expectations versus Perceived Service Gap – Factors and Techniques to Resolve this Gaps in Service – Quality Standards, Factors, and Solutions – The Service Performance Gap Key Factors and Strategies for Closing the Gap – Developing Appropriate and Effective Communication about Service Quality.

Unit – V

Marketing of Services with particular reference to Financial Services – Health Services – Hospitality Services including Travel, Hotels, and Tourism – Professional Services – Public Utility Services – Communication Services – Educational Services.

MBA Service Marketing Notes pdf

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Suggested Books for MBA Service Marketing

  • Ravi Shanker, SERVICES MARKETING: THE INDIAN PERSPECTIVE, Excel Books, New Delhi, 2008
  •  Rajendra Nargundkar, SERVICES MARKETING: TEXT & CASES, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, New Delhi, 2008
  •  Christopher H. Lovelock, SERVICES MARKETING: PEOPLE, TECHNOLOGY, STRATEGY, Pearson Education Asia.
  • R. Srinivasan, SERVICES MARKETING, Prentice Hall of India Private Limited, New Delhi.
  • Zcithaml, Parasuraman & Berry, DELIVERING QUALITY SERVICE, The Free Press, Macmillan. 2008
  • A. R. Hubbert, “CUSTOMER CO-CREATION OF SERVICE OUTCOMES: EFFECTS OF LOCUS OF CAUSALITY ATTRIBUTIONS”, doctoral dissertation, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, 1995.
  •  B. H. Booms and M. J. Bitner, MARKETING STRATEGIES AND ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURES FOR SERVICE FIRMS, IN MARKETING OF SERVICES, ed. J. H. Donnelly and W. R. George (Chicago: American Marketing Association, 1981), pp.47-51.
  •  C. Gronroos, SERVICE MANAGEMENT, AND MARKETING, (Lexington, MA: Lexington Books, 1990).
  • Christopher Lovelock, and Jochen Wirtz, SERVICES MARKETING—PEOPLE, TECHNOLOGY, Strategy, Fifth Edition. Pearson Education.
  • David L.Kurtz and Kenneth E.Clow, SERVICES MARKETING, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1998.
  • Deccan Herald, Bangalore.
  • E. J. McCarthy and W. D. Perrault, BASIC MARKETING: A GLOBAL MANAGERIAL APPROACH, (Burr Ridge, IL: Richard D. Irwin, 1993).
  • ECONOMIC TIMES, 25th July 2000.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Identify a bank of India where these strategies are in vague.
  •  Suggest changes for better performance
  • What is FECL’s product? What are the tangible and intangible elements of this service product?
  •  In what way does technology influence FECL’s service quality?
  • What do you mean by services? How do services differ from products?
  •  Do you think that the classification of services helps in developing the marketing strategy better? How?
  • What are the elements of service quality for a delivery service like FECL?
  • Discuss the essential characteristics of services with suitable examples. Also, discuss what challenges they pose before service marketers.
  • Discuss the reasons for the growth of the service sector.
  • Write a detailed note on the role of the service sector in the economy. Do you think ‘physical evidence’ really matters in the marketing of services? Explain.
  • Explain the ‘process’ as one of the essential elements of the marketing mix with suitable examples.

We have provided all the necessary materials for Service Marketing. Candidates can download it for free in pdf format or purchase it directly. The Study Materials prepared by professionals will be handy for you during preparation. Make sure that you practice the questions asked to get good knowledge and share this link with your friends so that this will be helpful for them.

Candidates can keep in touch with our website for more information on Marketing Research Books.

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