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Object-Oriented Programming Notes Pdf September 2019

Object-Oriented Programming: You can download the Study materials and notes for Object-Oriented Programming in PDF files from the official website.

Object-Oriented Programming Books

The Books and Study materials for the first year engineering are now updated on the official website. We have updated several books on various subjects of Engineering. Candidates can choose the books they want and prepare for the examination. In this article, we are focusing on the subject Object-Oriented Programming. The purpose of OOP is to create a program's structure so that one can build applications using these abstract models called "objects" that encapsulate data and behave into one unit. All the Books of the OOPS are available in this article as a single download link.

Object-Oriented Programming Books 2018

OOP is a programming language model created around objects rather than "actions" and data rather than logic. A program has been observed as a logical method that takes input data, processes it, and produces output data. This is a core paper for the Engineering. Students who are planning to pursue their career as an engineer should have necessary skills about the computer language and the OOP concept. This is the reason why OOP has been added to the Engineering Study program. Here, we are proving you with the Best books and Materials which are recommended by experts. These books will be beneficial for you at the time of preparation. We are also providing the detailed syllabus of the subject so that candidates can follow that and study according to it.

Object-Oriented Programming Syllabus- 1st Year (CSE)

UNIT-I: Introduction to C++

Difference between C and C++- Evolution of C++- The Object-Oriented Technology- Disadvantage of Conventional Programming- Key Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming Advantage of OOP- Object Oriented Language.

UNIT-II: Classes and Objects &Constructors and Destructor

Classes in C++-Declaring Objects- Access Specifiers and their Scope- Defining Member Function-Overloading Member Function- Nested class, Constructors and Destructors, Introduction- Constructors and Destructor- Characteristics of Constructor and Destructor- Application with Constructor- Constructor with Arguments (parameterized Constructor-Destructors- Anonymous Objects.

UNIT-III: Operator Overloading and Type Conversion & Inheritance

The Keyword Operator- Overloading Unary Operator- Operator Return Type- Overloading Assignment Operator (=)- Rules for Overloading Operators, Inheritance, Reusability- Types of
Inheritance- Virtual Base Classes- Object as a Class Member- Abstract Classes- Advantages of Inheritance-Disadvantages of Inheritance,

UNIT-IV: Pointers & Binding Polymorphisms and Virtual Functions

Pointer, Features of Pointers- Pointer Declaration- Pointer to Class- Pointer Object- The this Pointer- Pointer to Derived Classes and Base Class, Binding Polymorphisms and Virtual Functions, Introduction- Binding in C++- Virtual Functions- Rules for Virtual Function- Virtual Destructor.

UNIT-V: Generic Programming with Templates & Exception Handling

Generic Programming with Templates, Need for Templates- Definition of class Templates- Normal Function Templates- Over Loading of Template Function-Bubble Sort Using Function Templates- Difference Between Templates and Macros- Linked Lists with Templates, Exception Handling- Principles of Exception Handling- The Keywords try to throw and catch- Multiple Catch
Statements –Specifying Exceptions.

UNIT-VI: Overview of Standard Template Library

Overview of Standard Template Library- STL Programming Model- Containers- Sequence Containers- Associative Containers- Algorithms- Iterators- Vectors- Lists- Maps.

Object-Oriented Programming through C++ Notes Pdf

Object-Oriented Programming  Lecture Notes Download
Object-Oriented Programming  Notes Pdf Download
Object-Oriented Programming Ebook Pdf Download
Object-Oriented Programming  Question Paper Download
Object-Oriented Programming Through C++  PPT Download

List of Reference Books for Object-Oriented Programming

  • Programming in C++, Ashok N Kamthane, Pearson 2nd Edition.
  • Object-Oriented Programming C++, Joyce Farrell, Cengage.
  • The Complete Reference C++, 4th Edition, Herbert Schildt, TMH.
  •  C Programming, a Problem Solving Approach, Forouzan, Gilberg, Prasad, CENGAGE
  •  Programming with C, Bichkar, Universities Press
  • Programming in C, ReemaThareja, OXFORD
  • C by Example, Noel Kalicharan, Cambridge

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Explain the principles of Object Oriented Programming.
  •  What are the drawbacks of monolithic, procedural and structural programming languages?
  •  How to define a class in C++? How to declare objects for the class? Give an example.
  •  Write a program for calculating the total marks and Grade of the 60 students in a class.
  • What is polymorphism? How is it achieved at compile time and runtime? Explain both with the help of an example.
  •  Write C++ Program to overload + operator to add two matrices.
  • Write a C++ program to overload a unary operator in complex numbers by using a friend function.
  •  Discuss in detail about virtual destructors. (7M)
  •  Write and explain the procedure to catch multiple exceptions thrown from a single try block.
  • What is generic programming? Explain in detail about function templates.
  • Explain the components of the Standard Template Library (STL).
  • Write a C++ program that erases all elements in a list using iterators.

We have updated all the necessary Materials which are needed for the preparation for your examination. Candidates can download the Materials and Books from the web for free in Pdf format and start preparing for the exam. Practice all the questions mentioned above to get a better knowledge of the subject. Also, refer the previous year question papers so that you will be confident to face the examination. Make sure that you share this link with your friends who are in search of OOP books sot that these books will be helpful for them also.

Candidates can keep in touch with our website for more information on Object Oriente Programming Books.

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