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Ph.D. Books and Notes for all semesters Study Materials 2020 BOOK PDF: Download Ph.D. Books and Notes for all semesters Study Materials 2020

Here, we have provided the links containing the study materials, which will help you study and prepare for your Ph.D Books and Notes for all semesters2020 edition examinations. Referring to the connections we’ve provided below and the links containing the study materials in PDF format, and the list of recommended books that we’ve provided below, you will be able to ace your examinations. We have also provided you with further details that will allow you to do well in your exams and learn more. These study materials help you understand the concepts and everything quickly and creates a better space for you to work on. These study materials give you the best resources to study from.


  • Quantitative Method
  • Review of Research Work
  • Research Methodology
  • Computer Science

Specialization Courses

  • Law
  • Arts
  • Engineering
  • Maths & Computing
  • Humanities
  • Social Science & Health
  • Physical Sciences
  • Earth Sciences
  • Business & Finance
  • Biological & Medical Sciences
  • Chemical Sciences

Download Study Materials

Download Ph.D. Study Material & Notes for 1st Year, 2nd Year in PdfDownload Links
Computer Science Study MaterialDownload
Quantitative Method Study MaterialDownload
Review of Research Work Study MaterialDownload
Research Methodology Study MaterialDownload

Recommended Books

  • Mani R S (1964) Educational Ideas and Ideals of Gandhi and Tagore, New Book Society New Delhi.
  • UNESCO: A System Approach to teaching & learning procedures a guide for teacher Educators, Paris: UNESCO, 1981.
  • Government of India (1987) Programme of Action, New Delhi: MHRD.
  • Guilford J.P. Fundamental Statistics in Psychology and Education, McGraw Hill, New York.
  • Garrett H.E. (1967) Statistics in Psychology of Education. Vakils Peffer and SimonsPrivate Ltd. Bombay.
  • Paulo Freire (1996) Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Penguin Books.
  • Borg, Walter R. &Meridith, D. Gall (1979) Educational Research An introduction, New York, Longman
  • Engelhart, Max D. (1972) Methods of Educational Research. Chicago, Rand Mc Nally &Co.
  • Fox, David J. (1969) the Research Process in Education. New York, Holt, Rinehart & Winston. Inc.
  • Best, John W. & James Kahn Research in Education (2008).New York, Prentice Hall,
  • Borg, Walter R. (1981) Applying Educational Research: A practical guide for teachers, New York Longman.

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