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SEBA Assam Class-1 Textbooks PDF 2020 Of Every Subject – Download Complete SEBA & SCERT Study Materials Here

Look at Assam Class 1 Textbooks PDF 2020 all things considered. Because of the current circumstance of COVID-19 and lockdown period, youngsters will have more opportunity to learn new things. To develop themselves and learn legitimate substance, understudies ought to have the best investigation materials. Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA) issues the standard course readings for classes 1 to 10th. In this way, in our site, we will give the Study Materials, Textbooks PDF, Study Books which will accommodating for Class I understudies. Assam Class 1 Textbooks PDF.

BoardSecondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA)
ClassI Standard 
Assam 1 TextbooksAvailable Now
Subjects of Class ILanguages, English, and Mathematics
TextBooks & Free Study Material FormatPDF

Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA) and SCERT endorses the course readings for classes 1 to 10th(SSC) for the scholastic year 2020-2021. Understudies can visit these official sites to download the Study Materials PDF of all subjects in the necessary Medium.

Content in this Article

  • List of Subjects in Class 1
  • Download SEBA & SCERT Class 1  Textbooks
  • Assamese Medium
  • Bengali Medium
  • Bodo Medium
  • Manipuri Medium
  • English Medium
  • Hindi Medium
  • How to download Assam SCERT Class 1 Textbooks?

List of Subjects in Class 1

The following subjects will be studied by the students of 1st Class:


  • Assam
  • Bengali
  • Bodo
  • Manipuri
  • Nepali
  • Hindi


  • Mathematics
  • English

Download SEBA & SCERT Assam Class 1 Textbooks

Download Assam Class 1 Textbooks of all subjects. Download the Textbooks PDF by the links given below. These Study Books are provided by State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT).  Assam Class 1 Textbooks are available in various Mediums.

Assam Medium

  • Language (L1) – Ankuran (Pratham Bhag) (C)
  • Mathematics – Natun Ganit Pratham Bhag (R)
  • English (L2) – Beginners’ English-I (R)

Bengali Medium

  • Language (L1) – Ankuran (Pratham Bhag) (R)
  • Mathematics – Natun Ganit Pratham Bhag (R)
  • English (L2) – Beginners’ English-I (R)

Bodo Medium

  • Language (L1) – Bithorai (Sethi Bahagw) (R)
  • Mathematics – Gwdan Sankhanthi: Sethi Bahagw (R)
  • English (L2) – Beginners’ English-I (R)

Manipuri Medium

  • Language (L1) – Yening Hunba (Ahanba Sharuk) (R)
  • Mathematics – Anouba Chaisinglon (Ahanoba Sharuk) (R)
  • English (L2) – Beginners’ English-I (R)

English Medium

  • Mathematics – New Mathematics Part-I (R)
  • Language (L1) – Beginners’ English-I (R)
  • Regional Language (L2) – For this medium, L2 will be any vernacular textbook of this list used as L1 (Region-Based)

Hindi Medium

  • Language (L1) – Rimjhim- 1(R)
  • Mathematics – Naya Ganit Pahala Bhag (R)
  • English (L2) – Beginners’ English-I (R)

How to Download Assam SCERT Class 1 Textbooks?

Follow the below steps to download the Study Materials of Class 1:

  • Visit the official site of the Assam SCERT i.e.,
  • On the landing page, look for the standard course readings.
  • Click on List of Textbooks.
  • Here you will locate the Textbook PDF everything being equal.
  • In a Tabular Form, you will discover the E-Books of all subjects in all Mediums.
  • Click on the ideal connect to download the Textbook PDF of your subjects.

We trust that you will get the total subtleties of Class I through our site. You can download Syllabus and free investigation materials PDF of all subjects by the connections given. Offer this article with your companions who are needing Assam Class 1 Textbooks, Study Materials, Study Books. Continue visiting our website to get the most recent downloads of Assam Class-wise data, updates of Assam HSEC, Govt of Assam.

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