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Spot the Dalgona Coffee of the Fashion World

Spot the Dalgona Coffee of the Fashion World

Let’s step into the World of Fashion; Lockdown Edition. Lockdown has blown a strike over those of us with a fashion sense, and now we’d rather grab all the comfies looking past the trendy collections, don’t we? Let’s see what we got here,


Just as it sounds, these wears are cozy, comfortable, and soft that cuddles you in their relaxing fabric, and is believed to be the most ordered outfit during this lockdown; the ones that hold hand with our heart that craves to watch Netflix until we doze off in its warmth. What do you think?


Wondering what this is? Everyone working at home is now known to have a hard time waking up to the morning meetings of Zoom. And just as it is, we figured our way out. A nice top and an earring are now known to liven up Zoom meetings. Oh, of course, we wear sweatpants below. Who knows.


Cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates simple living. It’s when you wanna give out the homely feel as it is, yet wanna upload on social media. It’s the comfortable clothing that’s worn for a purpose yet meets the aesthetic requirement for an Instagram upload.


Oh, who hasn’t heard about this yet? This is one of the fashion trends that took place during quarantine. It surpassed the basic trend and got famous on Instagram, where the hashtag #QuarantinePillowChallenge emerged faster than we could ever imagine. Wonder what that looks like? It’s a way of flaunting the piece of bedding on your body in the chicest way. This idea takes after the way the cutest strapless mini dresses look on you. You place the pillow covering your chest to your waist, and use a belt to keep it in place. There’s more, you accessorize it to look the best on you.


Aren’t these the most comfortable? These knitwears, keep you warm and cozy when you need it the most. They get you through winters, looking fabulous, yet lets you fall asleep fast.