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Here, we have provided the links which contains the study materials which will help you in studying and preparing for your examinations of the Bank of Maharashtra Generalist Officer 2021. Referring to the links we’ve provided below and the links which contains the study materials of Bank of Maharashtra Generalist Officer 2021 in PDF Format along with the list of recommended books which we’ve provided below, you will be able to ace your examinations. We have also provided you the further details which will allow you to do well in your exams and learn more. These study materials help you understand the concepts and everything easily and creates a better space for you to work on. These study materials give you the best resources to study from.

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Every year, they release notifications for several vacant posts, so required people interested in the job can apply for the job. To ace the exam, every candidate needs to prepare for the exam as per the syllabus and information provided in the study materials exclusively for this purpose. To get the study materials that are required, you must download the files provided below. You can click on the links given below to download the files and then study them. We hope you find our resources helpful. Every student who has studied using our study materials finds the exam easy to ace since question banks and solution keys are attached along. Once you’ve mastered the content provided in the study materials we’ve provided for you, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to acing the exam. Use our resources to study well for your exam and get your dream job.


Name of the boardBank Of Maharashtra
Name of the postGeneralist Officer
No of vacancy150
Last date06.04.2021
StatusSyllabus available

Exam Pattern

ExamTotal questionsMaximum MarksDuration
English language20Total Maximum Marks 15015 min
Quantitative Aptitude20
15 min
Reasoning Ability20
15 min
Professional Knowledge**90
75 min
Total1502 hours

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Here, you can check out the links provided below to check out the links which we have provided for you to get the study materials of notes, books, textbooks, and lecture notes for the subject of Managerial Economics for MBA 1st year studies. Every student of MBA will find this useful for their educational purposes and even exams which are written from outside. The core courses which appear in the MBA course are Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and Statistics. You can easily download the study materials from the links which has been provided below. Please stay tuned to our website for further updates.

Notes, Lecture notes, Textbooks, for MBA 1st year, Managerial Economics

An economy  is a system which provides support and helps in solving the basic economic problem faced by the businesses. Managers as well as CEO’s of large corporate bodies and other small companies, non profit organizations and service centres does not succeed in business without a clear cut understanding of market forces creating opportunities and constraints for business enterprises. “Managerial economics is the study of how scarce resources are
directed most efficiently to achieve managerial goals.”

Study Materials of MBA 1st Year Managerial Economics PDF Format

Managerial Economics Notes for MBA StudentsDownload Links
Managerial Economics Study material pdf Free DownloadDownload
MBA Managerial Economics Model Question PaperDownload
MBA Managerial Economic Text BookDownload

Recommended Books and Authors of Managerial Economics MBA 1st Year

  • Managerial Economics, Cengage Learning, Newdelhi, 2005 Geetika, Ghosh & Choudhury,
  • Managerial Economics, Tata Mcgrawhill, Newdelhi, 2011Barla C.S., Managerial Economics, National Publishing House, Raipur, 2000.
  • Craig Petersen H., W. Cris Lewis, Managerial Economics, Prentice-Hall of India, New Delhi, 2003.
  • Dominick Salvatore, Theory and Problems of Micro Economic Theory,
  • Schuam’s outline series, McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1992. Dewet K.K., Modern Economic Theory, Shyam Lal Charitable Trust, S. Chand and Company Ltd., New Delhi, 2005.
  • Yogesh Maheswari, Managerial Economics, Phi Learning,
    Newdelhi, 2005 Gupta G.S.,
  • Managerial Economics, Tata Mcgraw-Hill, New Delhi Moyer
  • Mote V.L., Samuel Paul and G.S. Gupta, Managerial Economics Concepts and Cases, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd., New Delhi, 2001.
  • Koutsoyiannis. A Modern Micro Economics, Macmillan Publishers Ltd., London, 1979.
  • A. Koutsoyiannis, Modern Micro Economics, Macmillan Publishers Ltd., London, 1979.
  • S.K. Misra and V.K. Puri, Economics of Development and Planning, Himalaya Publishing House, New Delhi, 2002.
  • Morris Dobb, “A Note on the so-called Degree of Capital-Intensity of Investment in Underdeveloped Countries”, in On Economic Theory and Socialism, London, 1955.

Syllabus MBA Managerial Economics 1st Sem

Unit – I

General Foundations of Managerial Economics – Economic Approach – Circular Flow of Activity – Nature of the Firm – Objectives of Firms – Demand Analysis and Estimation – Individual, Market and Firm demand – Determinants of demand – Elasticity measures and Business Decision Making – Demand Forecasting.


Law of Variable Proportions – Theory of the Firm – Production
Functions in the Short and Long Run – Cost Functions Determinants of Costs – Cost Forecasting – Short Run and Long Run Costs –Type of Costs – Analysis of Risk and Uncertainty.


Product Markets -Determination Under Different Markets – Market Structure – Perfect Competition – Monopoly – Monopolistic Competition – Duopoly – Oligopoly – Pricing and Employment of Inputs Under Different Market Structures – Price Discrimination – Degrees of Price Discrimination.


Introduction to National Income – National Income Concepts – Models of National Income Determination – Economic Indicators – Technology and Employment – Issues and Challenges – Business Cycles – Phases – Management of Cyclical Fluctuations – Fiscal and Monetary Policies.

Unit – V

Macro Economic Environment – Economic Transition in India – A
quick Review – Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization – Business and Government – Public-Private Participation (PPP) – Industrial Finance – Foreign Direct Investment(FDIs).

Important Questions in MBA 1st Semester Managerial Economics

  • List the major objectives of the firm.
  • State the law of demand.
  •  Prepare a demanding schedule for an apple i-pad in the Indian market.
  •  Distinguish between the shift in demand and a movement along a demand curve.
  • Describe the circular flow of economic activity of India.
  • Discuss the nature of the firm.
  • List the factors which determine market demand for a commodity of your choice.
  • Distinguish between micro economics, macro economics and
    managerial economics.
  • How does managerial economics relate to other disciplines for propounding its theories?
  • Identify the areas of decision making where managerial economics prescribes specific solutions to business problems.
  • Discuss the role and responsibilities of a managerial economist.
  • Define demand.
  • What is managerial economics? Why does study managerial economics?

We have provided below the links which will allow every student to download the PDF Format of the subjects that come in MBA 2nd Semester Production and Operation Management – this includes notes, lecture notes, textbooks and other recommended guides which will help you study better when you’re studying for your examination and other tests. The core courses in an MBA course are Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and Statistics. You can find the links which will easily help you download the study materials below.

Production And Operations Management Notes for MBA PDF Format

The cruciality of production and operation management is a process which can combine and transform a lot of resources which are basically used in the production/operation subsystem of the organization into value-added products as well as services in a controlled manner which goes by the policies of an organization. “The set of interrelated management activities which are involved in manufacturing certain products is called production management and for service management, the corresponding set of management activities is called as operation management.” A person cannot demarcate the starting and ending point of production and operation management within an establishment.

MBA 2nd Semester Production and Operation Management

production and operations management notes for MBA pdfDownload
production and operation management notes PdfDownload
production and operation management Text BookDownload
production and operation management Model Question PaperDownload
MBA production and operation management Lecture NotesDownload

Recommended Books and Authors of MBA 2nd Semester Production and Operation Management Books

  • Production and Operations Management by Panneerselvam R; Publisher: Prentice Hall of India
  •  Operations Management by Shafer Scott M; Publisher: John Wiley
  • Succeeding in Project-Driven Organizations by Knutson Joan; Publisher: John Wiley
  • Production and Operations Management by Everette E. Adam, Jr. Ronald J. Ebert; Publisher: Prentice Hall of India
  • Production and Operations Management by N.G. Nair; Publisher: Tata Mc. Graw Hill

Syllabus of MBA 2nd Semester Production and Operation Management

Unit I:

Operations and Productivity: Operations Functions and Evolution of POM; Framework for Managing Operations; Operations Strategy; Trends in Operations Management

Unit 2:

Product and Process Design: Product Development; Product Design Tools; Design of Services; Flexible Manufacturing; Systems; Process Design: Types of Process, Modern Production Technologies; Process Reengineering

Unit 3:

Capacity Design: Capacity Management; Economies and Diseconomies of Scale and Learning Curve; Capacity Strategies;
Decision Trees

Unit 4:

Facility Location: Location Strategy and its Importance; Factors influencing Plant Location; Globalization; Location SelectionModels

Unit 5:

Layout Design: Layout Planning; Layout Types; Design of Product and Process Layouts; Job Design; Work Measurement

Unit 6:

Inventory Management: Basic Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Model; Quantity Discount Models; Spare Parts Inventory; Material Resources Planning; Manufacturing Resource Planning; Purchasing Objectives

Unit 7:

Operations Planning and Scheduling Systems: Aggregate Planning and its Process; Master Scheduling; Aggregate Planning for Service Organizations; Operating Schedules; Sequencing Rules; Optimized Production Technology and Synchronous Manufacturing; Just in Time (JIT) Manufacturing System; Basics of SCM and ERP

Important Questions of MBA 2nd Semester Production and Operations Management

  • Discuss critically the different models of forecasting.
  • What are the possible consequences if a large-scale firm places its product in the market without having estimated the demand for its product?
  • Explain the regression method of demand forecasting.
  • What do you understand by operation and production management?
  • Define operation processes and explain its key components.
  • Discuss the various stages in the evolution of production and operation management discipline
  • How will environmental issues impact on the future of production and operations?
  • What is the function of a Production Manager? Is this function different from the function of a marketing manager?
  • Define the term “forecasting” What is its purpose? Describe the uses and limitations
    of the weighted moving average method of forecasting
  • What is the strategic perspective of operation and production management?
  • What are the future trends in production and operation management?

Here you can find below the notes and textbooks of every year of the course BPT which stands for Bachelor of Physiotherapy. This is a UG course which means Physiotherapy that indicates the physiotherapeutic system of medicine, wherein the course trains the students and supports them in gaining certain skills and methods which are necessary in the practice of physiotherapy treatment, and the links that direct you to the pdf holding the texts and notes can be found of the years 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the links that has been provided below.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy Course Structure and Syllabus for the years 1, 2, 3 and 4. This 4 year course of undergraduate includes a mandatory 6 months of clinical internship, that contains the science of physical movement which trains in preventing disease as well as disability

Syllabus for BPT Course

Semester I

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • English
  • Basic Nursing

Semester II

  • Biomechanics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Orientation to Physiotherapy
  • Integrated Seminars

 First-year Practical Subjects

  • Orientation to Physiotherapy
  • Physics and chemistry

Semester III

  • Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacology
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Constitution of India

Semester IV

  • Exercise Therapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Research Methodology & Biostatics
  • Introduction to Treatment
  • Clinical Observation Posting

Second Year Practical Subjects

  • Basic Nursing, First Aid & CPR
  • Clinical Observation Posting
  • Introduction to Treatment

Semester V

  • General Medicine
  • General Surgery

Semester VI

  • Orthopedics and Sports Physiotherapy
  • Supervised Rotatory Clinical Training

Third-Year Practical Subjects

  • Physiotherapy in Dentistry
  • Evidence-Based Physiotherapy Practice

Fourth Year Topic subjects

  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Medical ethics
  • Physiotherapy in Cardio disorders
  • Physiotherapy in respiratory disorders
  • Project

Books and Notes in PDF Download BPT

Through the links provided below, the candidate can now download the necessary books and notes of the required subjects of all four years.

Reference Books and Authors of Every Subject BPT

  • Undergraduate Surgery by Nan
  • Bailey & Love’s short practice of Surgery – 21 st edition
  • Textbook of surgery by S. Das
  • Adam’s outline of fractures – 8th edition
  • Adams outline of Orthopaedics – 8th edition
  • Apley’s Textbook of Orthopaedics
  • Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine
  • Harrison’s Internal Medicine
  • Lippincott’s Pharmacology.
  •  Essential of Medical Pharmacology by Tripathi
  • Textbook of Medical Pharmacology by Padmaja Uday Kumar
  •  Pharmacology by N.Murugesh
  • Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics by Satoskar.
  • Clinical Kinesiology by Brunn strome.
  • Kinesiology and Applied Anatomy by Resch-Bruke(Lee & Febiger)
  • Applied anatomy and Kinesiology by W. Bower & H. Stone(Lee & Febigar)
  • Catie’s primary anatomy by Bestmaji J.
  • Medical physiology – R.L. Bijani.
  • Concise medical physiology – S.Choudhari.
  • Electronic Principles by A.P. Malvino (Tata McGraw-Hill Publication).
  • Handbook of electronics by Gupta and Kumar (Pragati Prakashan).
  • The technique of Electrotherapy and its physical and physiological basis by Stafford L. Osborne and Harold J. Holmquest.
  • Clayton’s Electrotherapy by Angel Forster and Nigel Palestanga.

Top Colleges that offers BPT Course

  • Prakash Institute of Physiotherapy Rehabilitation and Allied Medical Sciences
  • Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Institute for Physically Handicapped, New Delhi
  • Pt. J.N.M. Medical College
  • Punjabi University
  • RajaRajeswari College of Physiotherapy
  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
  • S.D.D.Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Buy Online BPT Books Amazon

You can download below the required necessary books which is necessary for references, which are available in large numbers in the BPT programs which is specialized in courses a student chooses.

                                                  Textbook of Pharmacology for PhysioTherapy

  • Udaykumar
  • Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers Private Limited
  • Edition no. 1 (01/01/1970)
  • Paperback: 428 pages

Anatomy and Physiology for Physiotherapists

  • Anshan Ltd
  • Inderbir Singh
  • Anshan Ltd
  • Edition no. 1 (04/28/2005)
  • Paperback: 376 pages

Human Physiology in Nutshell

  • A.K. Jain
  • Arya Publications

Handbook of General Anatomy

  • Chaurasia B. D
  • CBS
  • Edition no. 5th Revised edition (01/01/1970)
  • Paperback: 384 pages

Genosys-Exam Preparatory Manual For Undergraduates Biochemistry (A Simplified Approach)

  • Lakshmi N Neethu
  • Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
  • Edition no. first (01/01/1970)
  • Paperback: 194 pages

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