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UPSC Mains Anthropology Reference Books Study Materials 2021: Download UPSC Mains Anthropology Reference Books Study Materials

Here, we have provided the links which contain the study materials which will help you in studying and preparing for your examinations of the UPSC Mains Anthropology Reference Books. Referring to the links we’ve provided below and the links which contain the study materials of UPSC Mains Anthropology Reference Books in PDF Format along with the list of recommended books which we’ve provided below, you will be able to ace your examinations. We have also provided you the further details which will allow you to do well in your exams and learn more. These study materials help you understand the concepts and everything easily and creates a better space for you to work on. These study materials give you the best resources to study from.

Reference Books

  • Stein & Rowe: An Introduction to Physical Anthropology – Buy from
  • Surender Nath: Forensic Anthropology – Buy from
  • Surender Nath: Nutritional Anthropology
  • US Mishra: An Introduction to Social-Cultural Anthropology (in Hindi)
  • US Misra: Anthropological Thought (in Hindi)
  • Vaid& Pandey: JaivikManavshastra (in Hindi)
  • Vaid: Economy and Social Relations
  • Vaid: Who Cares for Tribal Development (Hindi & English)
  • N. Hasnain: Indian Anthropology – Buy from
  • N. Hasnain: Tribal India – Buy from
  • NCERT: Indian Society, Social Change
  • R C Verma: Indian Tribes
  • Sagar Preet: Basic Concepts in Sociology and Anthropology
  • Sagar Preet: Reservation for Backward Classes a Perspective
  • Shukla & Rastogi: Physical Anthropology & Human Genetics – Buy from
  • Srinivas: Caste in India & Other Essays – Buy from
  • Srinivas: Social Change in Modern India – Buy from
  • A.L. Basham: The Wonder that was India 2 – Buy from
  • Abhik Ghosh: Meetings with the Other (on Fieldwork Techniques)
  • B. Janusch: Origins of Man – Buy from
  • Beals&Hoijer: An Introduction to Anthropology – Buy from
  • Beattie: Other Cultures – Buy from
  • Bhattacharya, D.K.: An Outline of Indian Prehistory – Buy from
  • Booklet by Jawahar Publishers, New Delhi
  • G S Bhatt: BharatiyaSamajikVichar (in Hindi)
  • Harrison et. al: Human Biology
  • Haviland: An Introduction to Anthropology – Buy from
  • Herskovits: Cultural Anthropology – Buy from
  • Honigman: The World of Man
  • M. Harris: Rise of Anthropological Theory – Buy from
  • Majumdar & Madan: An Introduction to Social Anthropology – Buy from
  • Mishra & Hasnain: Unifying Anthropology – Buy from
  • A.L. Basham: The Wonder that was India 1 – Buy from


This subject looks into the study of human language, culture, societies, and every other element that builds human life. Learned from the biology and behavior of primates, this is a wide discipline that constantly incorporates the latest technologies and ideas. Anthropology may also expand to include the study of non-human civilizations.

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