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Web Technology Notes Pdf January 2018

Web Technology: You can download the Study materials and notes for Web Technology in PDF files from the official website.

Web Technology Books

The books and Study materials of Web Technology management are now available on the official website. Candidates who are on a hunt for the note and the study Materials can check the Official website. In this article, we are focusing on the subject of Web Technology. Web technology points to the means by which computers interact with each other using markup languages and multimedia packages. It provides us a way to communicate with hosted information, like websites.

Web Technology Books 2018

Web technologies is a general word indicating to the many languages and multimedia packages that are used in connection with one another, to produce dynamic websites such as this one. Also, we are providing Short study notes which can be a life savior for those who cannot completely cover the whole book. These notes can be beneficial for you on the go. There will be no barriers, and you can prepare from anyplace any time you want.

Web Technology Syllabus- B.Tech 3rd  Year


Basic Syntax, Standard HTML Document Structure, Basic Text Markup, Images, Hypertext Links, Lists, Tables, Forms, HTML5
CSS: Levels of Style Sheets, Style Specification Formats, Selector Forms, The Box Model, Conflict Resolution

UNIT-II: Javascript

The Basic of Javascript: Objects, Primitives Operations, and Expressions, screen output and Keyboard Input, Control Statements, Object Creation and Modification, Arrays, Functions, Constructors, Pattern Matching using Regular Expressions DHTML: Positioning Moving and Changing Elements


XML: Document Type Definition, XML schemas, Document object model, XSLT, DOM and SAX Approaches, AJAX A New Approach: Introduction to AJAX, Integrating PHP and AJAX.


PHP Programming: Introducing PHP: Creating PHP script, Running PHP script. Working with variables and constants: Using variables, Using constants, Data types, Operators.Controlling program flow: Conditional statements,Control statements, Arrays, functions. Working with forms and Databases such as MySQL.


Introduction to Perl, Operators and if statements, Program design, and control structures, Arrays, Hashes and File handling, Regular expressions, Subroutines, Retrieving documents from the web with Perl.


Introduction to Ruby, Variables, types, simple I/O, Control, Arrays, Hashes, Methods, Classes, Iterators, Pattern Matching. Overview of Rails.

• Analyze a web page and identify its elements and attributes.
• Create web pages using XHTML and Cascading Styles Sheets.
• Build dynamic web pages.
• Build web applications using PHP.
• Programming through Perl and Ruby
• Write simple client-side scripts using AJAX

Web Technology Notes Students Download

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Web technology pdf download Download
Web technology notes for CSE 6th sem Download
Web technology notes PPT Download
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List of Reference Books for Web Technology

  • TCP/IP – Forouzan (TMH)
  • Internet and World Wide Web, How to Program, Dietel and Dietel, Pearson Education.
  • Complete Reference Java – Naughton Schildt
  • Web Technologies – Achyut S Godbole and Atul Kahate
  • Programming the World Wide Web, Robert W Sebesta, 7ed, Pearson.
  • Web Technologies, Uttam K Roy, Oxford
  •  The Web Warrior Guide to Web Programming, Bai, Ekedahl, Farrell, Gosselin, Zak, Karparhi, Maclntyre, Morrissey, Cengage
  •  Ruby on Rails Up and Running, Lightning fast Web development, Bruce Tate, Curt Hibbs, Oreilly ( 2006)
  • Programming Perl, 4ed, Tom Christiansen, Jonathan Orwant, Oreilly (2012)
  •  Web Technologies, HTML< JavaScript, PHP, Java, JSP, XML and AJAX, Black book, Dream Tech.
  •  An Introduction to Web Design, Programming, Paul S Wang, Sanda S Katila, Cengage

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Write the HTML code to display your class timetable.
  • Explain different types of cascading style styles with suitable examples.
  • Write a JavaScript code to test whether the given number is an Armstrong number or not.
  • What are the differences between DTDs and XML Schema?
  •  Write an XML program to illustrate XSLT.
  • Explain the importance of XML in web applications.
  • What are the differences between a traditional web application and AJAX-based web application?
  •  Explain the working mechanism of AJAX with suitable example.
  •  Write a PHP script for uploading a file to the server and display the uploaded files details.
  • Write a PHP script to validate the student data (Name, Regd.No, Email) using regular expressions and store in the database.
  •  Explain HTML tags emulation,arrays,hashes in PERL.
  • Which feature of Perl provides code reusability? Give an example of that feature.
  • Explain hashes and classes in ruby with suitable examples.
  • Describe MVC architecture and Write ruby code for the web application

We have provided the best books and study materials that are provided for Web Technology. These books will be beneficial for the candidates who are looking for the study materials and can prepare for the exam very well and clear the exam with flying colors. Make sure that you share this website with your friends so that it can be helpful for them also.

Candidates can keep in touch with our website for more information on Web Technology Books.

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